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So there I was the day before Christmas Eve watching a film before going to bed. You know when you look what's on just for something to watch and think this will do half expecting it to be rubbish, well to start with the film was but then I actually really enjoyed it.

It was called the Illusionist and was about the latter (hence the name) with a love story twist in it but got me thinking about all the famous illusionists there have ever been.

So I decided to do some research on them and what
I found was quite interesting:


Magician of the Millennium

You are more than likely already aware of this mysterious man from such TV series like "Street Magic" and "Magic Man" which first aired in 1997 through ABC television.
Born in 1973, the 37 year old had been interested in magical illusions from a young age as his mother was a gypsy practicing in magic. He would perform card tricks regularly on the street through
his childhood and as a teenager he even performed in some TV
commercials and as an extra on daytime drama's.
Sadly his mother died of Ovarian Cancer in 1994 but this made him stronger and his worldwide career was just around the corner.
The UK first became aware of his presence in 2000 and since then he has performed many endurance style acts and pushed his body to the limit.
I'm sure you all watched as he buried himself alive for seven days and or his few days in an Ice Box.
Although he was criticised for his "dive of death" stunt where he proposed to hang upside down for 60 hours but was seen standing upright regularly whilst doctors checked his health before hanging again.
Apart from this I do believe he is an inspiring man to watch. Do you agree?

No not the novel by Charles Dickens but the most commercially successful magician of the 21st century. He has been in the Guinness Book of Records and has his own Hollywood star.
Born in 1956 he always enjoyed telling stories and started practicing magic when he was 10
years old, by 14 he was sent to the Society of American
Magicians and was teaching his own course there by 16.
By 19 his television and commercial career began in the late 70's with his first TV show called "The magic of ABC". He has had many television appearances since.
His major stunts included walking through the great wall of China and making the Statue of Liberty disappear.
He did have a close shave of death with one of his stunts where he was handcuffed and chained in a tank of water but became entangled in the chain
s and had to be lifted out the tank, the stunt was ironically entitled "escape from death".
One of his role models was Walt Disney and there were plans for him to have a magical underground restaurant built at Disney World but this fell through.

The magical partnership from Germany.
Both had been interested in magic since a young age like many of the famous illusionists. Siegfried had seen a book about magic but was unable to afford it until one day he found the money lying in the gutter and purchased the book. Performing his first magic trick in front of his father who was most impressed
Roy on the other hand found he was able to communicate with animals after he nearly sunk in quicksand and his dog fetched help.
The pair met in 1957 on a cruise ship where Roy saw Seigfried perform and Roy then became the assistant.
After 5 years of been his assistant Roy suggested bringing larger more dangerous animals to the show, Roy managed to smuggle a Cheetah from the zoo and
the magic only got better from here.
They proved to Las Vegas that magic works and have performed all over the world receiving many awards.

AND FINALLY...............

THE MOST FAMOUS OF THEM ALL........................

Born 1874, from Budapest, Hungary, Houdini did not have the best childhood. The family was poor and constantly had to move around America where he moved to when he was just 4 years old.
He started working when he was 8 to help the family out financially and performed his first trapeze stunt at just 9 years old.
A few years later he ran away from home, following and performing with the circus before returning home to his family a year later.
After his father died when he was just 18 years old, he began many different jobs, and learnt how to pick locks. He liked to stay in shape which helped him with his escape artistic work.
He started performing by himself and making money, then he and his brother became a double act until he met his wife and they performed all over the world.
He would offer $100 to anyone who could produce a pair of handcuffs that he couldn't escape from, no one was paid this hence he was given the name "the handcuff king".
His career did go quiet for a while until he met an agent called Martin Beck who put him as his headline act and his career progressed from here.
1900 he came over to Europe.
Some of his great escapes were:
Water Tank Escape
Straight jacket escape
Jail Escape

He has been dead 75 years but his name will always live on.

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Friday, 29 October 2010

NEW UP and COMING......


First heard these guys through a friend and really enjoyed their music.
The Alternative Electronic Rock Band from the Midlands UK have been together for 5 years however reformed this year with a new unique edge.

They hold their gigs throughout the Midlands and the UK and have had much support from the local radio stations like BBC Shropshire.

This is their latest track please click the link below and let me know your thoughts on GIVE CHASE:

If you like their unique style please follow them on:
All their gig dates and latest albums/tracks will be listed on her

Click any of the links above.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Magaluf Diaries

Entry 2
19th September 2010
After some much deserved sleep we awake at 12pm a little disorientated as to where we are and slightly bad heads.
We decide to freshen ourselves up put our bikinis on head out find something to eat pronto before beaching it all day.
Its very hot today and we wander down the street to 'The Irish Bar' and notice all day breakfast for 3 euros (bargain), really friendly Irish people and the food is so nice I could eat another plateful.
After letting our breakfast go down we stop by the shop to get some Allioli (the best garlic sauce in the world) and crisps to keep us going at the beach.
The beach is so pretty, has crystal clear waters, in fact its that clear a Sheol of fish swam through my legs i nearly jumped out my skin. Lots of things to do, but all we want to do is sleep and sunbath.
After a good 6 hours sunning ourselves we head back to our apartment for a cheese sandwich, relax and more sleep before getting ready to go out.
Tonight we decide that we will give the strip and miss as we are meeting some friends from back home who are also in Magaluf.
We meet them in Bobby's Tavern which caters more for the older generation and has a Rod Stuart Tribute playing but the music is old classics which I do enjoy.
I end up getting quite drunk again as I take a few shots of Sambuca (The devils drink).
We go to a different bar, again caters for the older generation but the music is better and the place quite trendy and up market. One of our friends decides to do his own Michael Jackson tribute....... well he tried, not going to say he was successful. I do believe he did not remember this in the morning.

At one point I went to the toilet and some 40 something woman who was so up herself had the same dress as me and thought she was amazing (I was not wearing the same dress she just had the same dress), I was very drunk and was not impressed with her snobbishness so decided to confront her and said 'Is that dress from French Connection?' 'yes' she says 'thought so I've got it only seen as I'm 20 years younger than you, it looks 10 times better on me' and walked out the loo's but proceeded to get dirty looks from her and friends all night. Oh well you only live once and she shouldn't be so up herself.
Once the place closes we end up going to find some Pizza as we get a little craving for it.
We find a takeaway place up the strip but the owner is very seedy, he says to my friend she is allowed free pizza so when she goes to get free Pizza he said 'I only give you free pizza if you send Becky here' , so I go round and get my free pizza and he still won't let my friend have any but advises if we go there the same time tomorrow he will give her free pizza, in the meantime my friend is extremely drunk and decided to market some oil by lying across the counter. I on the other hand am tired and would just like to go home but Miss Chatterbox continues to lye across the counter and passers by look at me with strange faces as if we are some kind of Alien that has just landed from an unknown planet.
We wander back and finally get into bed at 6am.

10 Day Blogging Adventure

Day Nine

Two words that describe your life right now:


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Primarni here I come.....

Going back into the student world hasn't been that easy financially, I am unable to just walk into one of my favourite designer high street stores and purchase a £150 dress instead I need to look for alternative more cost effective ways to keep my fashion addiction going.

The other day whilst out shopping in Merry Hill Shopping Mall I walked into Primark and they actually have some very reasonable items of clothing for an unbelievable price, it was like student heaven like the Jacket below:
Really nice jersey material blazer for £13.00, comfortable but stylish w
hich you can wear for going out or more casually.

I wore it for a night out to trendy bars, I decided to match it with wet look leggings, a long t-shirt top also from Primark for £5 and the shoes shown below, the big bangle added some glamour to the outfit and again from Primark for £2

I am inspired by the designer Nikki Lund who designs for WTB clothing, all rock chic glamour which I love.
My favourite piece has to be these leopard print wet look leggings:

Also this week I bought some new make-up from Me Me Me:
I wanted some shimmer for my cheeks as the brand I had been using was discontinued and I haven't found anything as good since, this Me Me Me shimmer pad gives you a glow but not as much shimmer as my original product but for £6 it's a bargain.
If anyone has any other products that may give more shimmer to your cheeks please let me know as I would love to try them out.

What is everyone else's favourite piece or purchase so far this season?

10 Day Blogging Adventure


3 Turn On's

  1. Tanned skin on men or women, you look way healthier with a slight glow and not to mention sexy too.
  2. Eye contact, nothing can beat having a conversation through eye contact
  3. A toned body and I don't mean lots of big muscles just a nice toned body is something I appreciate.

Do you agree?

Monday, 11 October 2010

10 Day Blogging Adventure


Four Turn Offs

  1. Hairy Men - I know sometimes they can't help it but I can't help not liking it, especially back hair that's a big turn off for me but there re ways of managing it so if I fell in love with a hairy man I'm sure we could work something out
  2. Anyone being sick, I cannot stand it, it makes me heave so badly
  3. B.O, nothing worse than if your in a Que, on the bus or walking down the street and you get a whiff of someones B.O, please just buy some deodorant.
  4. Men who dress better than me, I want a man not a boy who's trying out do me.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Wanted to make it a little more girly and soothing to look at.
Have also re-arranged things a little so the whole page looks a lot more appealing.
Please give me your thoughts as I love to hear from you and if possible can you read my other 3 blog posts below and give me your thoughts on those too.

Thank you thank you your far too kind....

This is a very belated thank you to Laree @ Living like Laree for my third Blog Award to which she has redesigned the graphics of the award and I have to say I agree the new design is much better, it's modern, funky and BOLD and I love things that are Bold and stand out.

Anyhow please check out her blog too as she's good at expressing herself through all sorts of arts, I especially like this blog post of hers :

Very mesmerising video, I like things like this because they are different and unique, it's good to see what new effects people are coming up with.

Anyway I would like to give this Award to the following Blogs:

  • Melanie @ Oh such is life - This girl has the most random things on her blog but this is why I like it, you never know what she has in store next and they always make an interesting read
  • Rikashi Naidu @ Reflections Fade - She has a topic and gives her reflections on that topic, (hence the title) her latest post she debates which is better Harry Potter or Twilight? I really like this idea and may do something similar myself
  • Tiffany @ Stylish Chatterboxing - This girl talks about accessories like jewellery, scarves and bags. Good for advice and finding some hidden gems for yourself, she even created her own clutch bag out of old fashion magazines
  • Miss emy @ Stop Listen - I have only just started following this blog but I really enjoy how she has an opinion on everything and also isn't afraid to say if she thinks she's in the wrong. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Miss Werginz @ diary of a Newlywed - Such a cute blog about newly married life and she gave me the idea for the 10 day blogging adventure.
  • Ashley @ She who will be tamed - love this girl so open and honest
Most of the blogs above were found from the site 20SB (twenty something bloggers), very good site to get to know fellow blogs, make new friends, get ideas for your blog and express your opinion on others.

Magaluf Diaries

Entry one:

Date: 18th September 2010

I am so tired as I didn't finish packing until last minute last night, I couldn't decided what I wanted to take and then I'd forget something. Oh and we had the fiasco with the padlock, in the sense that I couldn't actually padlock my suitcase because one of the zip pulls had broke but with a bit of string it all worked out.

Our journey from the UK to Majorca took 12 hours, from the time we left my house at 8am, got dropped at the coach station and had a 3 hour coach Journey to Gatwick Airport, then another few hours through security before boarding the plane for a 2 hours flight and then 2 more hours the other side before arriving at our hotel.

We nearly missed our flight because the airport never put the gate number up and then decided to display last call for boarding and the gate number which was a 15 minute walk away. I have never run so fast in my life but I didn't need to as when we got to the gate there was a massive Que but I needed the exercise looking at the positive side.

The arrival and transport to our hotel went a lot smoother than the departure from the UK, I was very impressed with speed of it all.

But we arrived in daylight and it was dark by the time we reached our hotel.
Upon arriving at Sol Lunamar Hotel we were greeted by the receptionist who was very friendly and we were shown the way to our apartment/room.

The apartment was small but homely and had everything we needed including a balcony that overlooked the pool area.
We decided as it was so late we would get changed and go explore the Magaluf strip.
On the way down to the strip we passed by a restaurant and noticed they had an offer on pizza, we were quite hungry so popped in.

The restaurant was quite classy, nicely laid out tables and decor, the waitress took our orders and we waited patiently for our food. We had a whole pizza each and I managed all mine as I was very hungry but at the end I decided to take off the pineapple chunks of the last slice and realised it had made a face which made me chuckle.

The walk to the strip took about 10 minutes but it wasn't cold so we were quite happy in our little dresses and small shrugs.
We got to the bottom of the strip and looked up and it was just bright lights and people everywhere for as far as you could see but as soon as you start walking up the strip the fun starts.

They come at you like vultures trying to get you into their bar (I was warned about this), we were crushed by the first bloke who said 'hello sexy ladies come into the best bar on the strip and I'll get you 2 for one on drinks and a free shot'

We walked into Chaplins Bar to find it populated with many men, most quite a bit older than us and on a stag do, we did notice going further up the strip that there were many stag and hen do's out so I would say it is a good place to go for this type of party holiday.

There's lots of fun games to be played, at one point the DJ said any men left with there tops on at the end of this track will have a for fit so as you can imagine there were already a lot of men in there but to then be surrounded by semi-naked men was very crazy.

The bar played golden oldies like 'I would walk 500 miles' and 'walking on sunshine' which was good to have a boogie to.
We left after we'd had had our drinks and carried on up the strip to be surrounded yet again, at one point a bloke picked me up chucked me over his shoulder and said ' your coming with me into my bar' and I shouted at my friend 'I'm been taken hostage' he put me back down and off I went into the arms of another guy who asked where my friend and I were going to which we replied 'not in there' he said 'what do you want' my friend said as a joke ' car bonnets' he said 'I can do car bonnets and deliver then but only if you come and get a drink first' so off we went again.

This time the bar Mulligans played more modern music, was less crowded and had an area to sit outside which we decided to do.

Finally we got dragged over to The Office Bar which the sign reminded me off the brand of shoes Office which I adore.

This was a really modern upbeat bar and was full of young people and played really good up to date music, it had a small upstairs bar area and a bigger dance floor bit down some steps. Out of all the three bars we visited this was the friendliest. We were approached by different people male and female wanting to talk to us and we felt really at home there.

At about 3am we decided to wander back to our hotel and try to stay out the way of the vultures.
So far my impression of Magaluf is it's a cheap crazy party town, we will see what happens tomorrow when I will view Magaluf by day........

10 Day Blogging Adventure

Five people who mean a lot to you:

  1. Top person in my life is my Mum, she didn't have the best time bringing my brother I up as children but as a single mother she did an amazing job and has come out a stronger and better woman for it. Even though we have had our ups and downs she has taught me so much about life I can't thank her enough. Mum I love you very much.
  2. My cousin is the strongest person I know even though it feels like sometimes things never seem to go her way, she always stays positive and I look up to her as one of my role models.
  3. My Nan is a very strongly opinionated person and I love her for that, she has taught me to stand up for myself and what I believe in, we have had many heated debates and discussions but I thank her for that as I have learnt a valuable life skill: don't be afraid to express yourself
  4. I have to say my Dad even though right now we are not the best of pals, hes my Dad and I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him
  5. Lastly I don't have one person I want to dedicate this too I have quite a few, they are all my best friends but they mean a lot to me for different reasons so Shelley, Chloe and Sophie (little CH) I love you all very much.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

10 Day Blogging Adventure


Six things you wish you could change or you wish you’d never done

  1. I wish I could change the time I met my ex boyfriend as I feel we met at the wrong time in life
  2. I'd like to change my hair for thicker hair, my hair is so fine I can hardly do anything with it and it annoys me
  3. I wish I hadn't stayed with my ex boyfriend for as long as I did and I should of been stronger and walked away a few years ago to start living my life
  4. I think dyeing my hair bleach blonde was a mistake when I was 15, I looked a bit freaky with blonde hair and brown eyes but hey we all go through that rebellious stage
  5. I wish for all the times I screamed at my mum that I hate her I could take it back
  6. I wish I could change the fact I over analyse what people think of me too much, most of the time I worry about nothing

Monday, 4 October 2010

10 Day Blogging Adventure!!


Seven things that cross my mind a lot

  1. Will I ever save enough money to own my own house
  2. Am I good enough for what I want to do
  3. I want to settle down get married and have children one day and I worry it'll be too late when I decide to do this
  4. People's opinions of me
  5. The world ending (don't laugh)
  6. Who will I go to for advice when my Mum is no longer around
  7. Where will I be in 10 years time

Sunday, 3 October 2010

T-Dog's first marathon!!

Yesterday my lovely dog decided he'd like to take part in his own marathon.

I came back from shopping to find my Mum had kindly taken Toby to the stables so he could run about all day.

When she came back I went straight out and took him with me to my Grandmothers as I was visiting and staying the night and my Grandmother loves Toby.

Anyhow I thought it a little strange for him to fall straight asleep on the journey over, he normally gets excited but just put it down to he'd been running around all day.

Today I thanked my Mum for taking him as I hadn't had chance to thank her yet as I was in such a rush the day before, and when I said thank you my Mum and my brother proceeded to laugh.

Curious I asked what this was about and they said he had a good run yesterday that's for sure.

There were two people down the stables yesterday my Mum and my friend who has a horse there as well.

Apparently my Mum had gone to the loo and my friend had got in her car to go to the feed store to get some more horse feed which is about 3 miles away and up and down lots of country lanes.

When my friend reached the feed store and opened the car door, Toby jumped in all out of breath, he'd followed her the whole way as he thought he was been left as couldn't see my mum.

Goodness knows what passers by thought seeing a dog chasing after a car, I bet they were thinking:

'how lazy and cruel is she'

Poor thing, I'm surprised his little legs didn't drop off, he's still sleeping it off now but if there ever was a doggy Marathon I'm sure he'd win paws down.

10 Day Blogging Adventure


Eight things I couldn't live without:

  1. My Ugg Boots, they are fashionable, comfy and you can where them whatever the season.
  2. My dog Toby, I'm sure you are all aware I love him very much and he's very adorable.
  3. My car, yes I know what your all thinking (lazy girl) but without my car I feel like I've lost a limb I travel everywhere to far places and it saves time.
  4. I'm going to say food as you wouldn't survive without it and I love it.
  5. Vaseline, saviour for cracked lips and acts as a lip gloss over lipstick to add extra shine to the colour.
  6. My pink, hooded dressing gown, keeps me so snug and warm and it's my favourite colour
  7. My camera, I love to capture those comedy moments when no one expects their photo to be taken.
  8. Finally My mum she does more in my life than I think and I really value her so I don't know what I'm going to do without her but I hope to be like her one day.

Friday, 1 October 2010

10 Day Blogging Adventure


9 Things about yourself that most people don't know:

  1. I sleep with the covers over my head even if it's really hot, ever since my mum told me as a child she felt someone breathing on her and when she opened her eyes no one was there
  2. I eat chocolate spread with a spoon out the jar
  3. Although I seem confident sometimes it's just a front
  4. It's annoying when people don't drive
  5. I always say if I don't do this by the time this happens then this is going to happen to you. i.e 'if by the time I reach the traffic lights they have gone red then I will have a bad day'
  6. I love the sound of heavy rainy on a window at night
  7. I still own a spice girls album
  8. I am terrible at hoarding stuff, especially clothes, I always think I'll wear it again someday
  9. Prefer plants over flowers, flowers die too quick.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

10 Day Blogging Adventure

So I noticed this post @ Diary of a Newlywed (check her
blog out it's awesome) and decided to give it a go myself.

Here are the daily instructions for this 10 day blogging adventure:
Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself that most people don't know.
Day Three: Eight things you couldn't live without.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you could change or you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot to you.
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two words that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession.
Day One

  1. Mum I never say I love you, so I am saying it now I love you very much and I don't think I could function without you in my life
  2. Dad, I am not happy with you at the moment, you seem to have an ' I don't care attitude' and I think we need to sit down and talk about it.
  3. Sophie (little CH) I love you like my little sister and I will always be there for you.
  4. Chloe, we need to keep up with seeing each other every week, we're terrible and never make enough time for each other. I can't believe I've know you 13 years
  5. Mum I took £5 out of your purse as I was desperate but I'll give it you back I promise.
  6. To all my friends that don't drive, stop been lazy and just get off your bum and pass your test because you can drive you just can't be bothered
  7. To Tom, am glad after 15 years of not seeing each other we get on so well. I feel like your one of my best mates now
  8. Lydon, thanks for been such a good friend to me, I really don't know what I'd do without you. Your always there to listen
  9. To my dog Toby, if you could understand me I'd tell you how much I love you and to please stop barking when we leave the house as we are never going to abandon you.
  10. Finally I want to tell myself to stop worrying about everything, it's not worth it.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Adventures in the sun part uno

Firstly if you want to go on holiday and party all day and night and you have no money one word:


My friend and I managed to have a good time for five euros one night but more about that later.
Magaluf is situated on the Balearic island of Majorca or as the Spanish spell it Mallorca.
Majorca as a whole has picturesque scenery, made up of mountains, windy roads , gorgeous beaches and in parts crystal clear waters, my friend and I could see shawls of fish swimming between our legs right by the shoreline.
Although Magaluf is known to attract the younger generation because of the party life, there is still much for the family to do by day, there are plenty of beach activities, not far down the road there are two great water parks which unfortunately I missed out on investigating.
Palma Nova which is situated just outside Magaluf caters for families mainly, it is quieter and away from the noise of the nightlife of Magaluf even though it's only a ten minute walkaway.
Magaluf by night is a different story, bright lights, young people, crazy drinking games, karaokes, dancing and lots of noise.

I spent 7 nights there and kept a diary of my time here as an insight for any young person who may want to go to Magaluf

Diary to follow soon..............

If you are interested in booking a vacation to Majorca please try the website TRAVEL REPUBLIC

They always have great deals on package holidays tailor made to suit your needs, check the site out and see for yourself.


I have recently read this Auto Biography and found it horrifying.

Auto Biography's always interest me as it's real life and sometimes it is something I can relate to however this book opened my eyes to a form of child abuse I had never heard of Munchausen By Proxy.

Julie Gregory tells us the story of her childhood and how she did not have one due to her mother causing illness by working her into the ground and inventing symptoms for her daughter to which she would cry to the doctors about and so would be given medication which in effect made her worse meaning more trips to the doctor.

The Blurb on the back of this book is right as it is the worse form of child abuse:
  • doctors think the mother is distressed and just want to help
  • child believes the only way to be loved is to pretend to be ill (causing them to be ill)
  • it goes unseen by most as there are no physical signs
After reading Julie's story I wanted to investigate further into MBP as I was most disturbed by what I had read and wanted to know if there were many cases like this and what caused parents to act this way towards their child as I cannot understand how you would want to hurt another human being that you have carried inside you for 9 months.

After reading into MBP I found 90% of the time the parent was abused as a child and they act this way as they get attention/care/love from everyone around them as their child is sick. They crave the attention they never had as a child.

One case I read about where a mother had been injecting salt water into her 4 month old son which caused many issues and he needed to be hospitalised and this is where she was found out.
A nurse caught the mother disconnecting the feeding tube and so the nurse reported this.
Police investigated the woman's home to find salt and syringes all over the house, the mother has been given a 15 year jail sentence which I don't think justifies the fact that this little boy will now never lead a normal life as he will now suffer one or more of the following:
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Blindness
  • Epilepsy
  • Other conditions
Quotes from the book:

'the part I hated most was the shaving. I mean , if your'e a twelve year old girl, how much hair can you have on your chest? But they lather me up anyway and run a new plastic bic between my barley there breasts. They needed me smooth and hairless so the little white pads would stick to those points con-stellated around my heart and record my beats'

'"How do you act when your sick Julie? Show me?" I slouch the edge of the table, limbs dangling. I hang my tongue out and my bottom lip falls away from my teeth
"That's right. Now what do you think the doctor is going to say if he comes in here and sees you're sitting up and smiling? Do you think he's going to believe me when I say your sick? You got to show him how sick you are" '

'Books are my friends now, where it's okay to be silent, where your not a freak if you don't want to get drunk, peel out in a parking lot.... even if it is dark'

It's a really good book and worth a read.

An eye opener to what really goes on behind closed doors in this world of ours.

My Sincere Apologies

Some of you may be wondering why I have not written for a while.........

Well a few reasons:

  1. For some reason God feels I need to be ill all the time so I haven't been feeling great, was in bed 2 weeks ago for a week
  2. I was on holiday last week (and yes the post is to follow)
I'm back now so assuming I do not get ill again I will be blogging as per normal.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I Am Not A Piece Of Meat! Part 2

So where were we.....

Later that day I went to make a phone call upstairs and he followed me and we ended up having a bit of fun but then he just got up and went back downstairs after we were done. This wound me up even more.

Now remember I had mentioned earlier that the best friend had expressed and interest in me, well I had gone to lie down and must have fallen asleep for 2 hours, this best friend came to check on me to see if I was OK and although he was trying it on with me I wasn't having it, but we sat talking for 3 hours and he proceeded to tell me how he wanted more from me and how his friend isn't honest and he doesn't care etc.

Well I arranged to meet this best friend the weekend after and found out that original friend had lied to me as he had told me he was sick of girls walking all over him and hadn't had any in months when best friend told me he has 6 girls on the go and had a girl round the day before I arrived.

As you can imagine I was very very very angry so I sent him an abusive message which I am not going to repeat on here but he never replied to it!!

Later in the week this whole thing was still bugging me and after to talking to another good friend of these to who had explained best friend likes me and was more than likely exaggerating the whole situation so original friend wasn't in the picture anymore.

So I decided to call original friend and tell him why I was so annoyed, this went very well, he apologised to me and said that what was said is not true, he has 6 girls he talks to and yes a girl did stop but nothing happened. After about a 2 hour discussion which was very heart to heart we decided we would stay friends as we get on quite well.

After much though I also decided it would be best to also stay friends with Best friend too as otherwise it would just cause problems but this didn't go down too well.

He has taken it very personally even though he would disagree, you see he wanted more from me and I told him I didn't want more and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

He got drunk that night and started a conversation on facebook that went a little like this:

Him: (firstly he sent me a sentence that was jumbled so i didn't understand it)

Me: what are you talking about, that doesn't make sense

Him: I don't care what keys i hit, work it out for yourself

(so after looking at it for a while i worked out it may have said) Don't think your getting any booty calls tonight

Me: I'm not getting any booty calls tonight, what?

Him: If you think I wanted you for more than easy sex than you are sadly mistaken, I am just like original friend but more respectful

Then My chat cut off so I test him and said:

'I'm going to ignore you as you seem drunk but if you are like that then you wouldn't care or wouldn't be bothered, I just want to be mates with both of you. Just think about it.'

Next day I get an apology message and that he's happy with mates, its all nicey nicey but every so often he gives me a sarcastic comment and today well here's a facebook chat:






how are youuuuu


Rite u


ok still cant speak very well

drivin me nuts


Oh well lease it giv others a chance 2 speek


ok lol, wots up with u, not very nice today are u!


Had nuff bin nice dnt get u no where so wots the diff if I'm mean or nice


errrr well i dont tend to be mates with ppl who arnt v nice

so if thats how u wanna play it then c ya


Ta ra

So at the moment I am friends with the one and not the other and I know you think I am silly been friends with original friend but I get on with him, it's just no point in been his friend with benefits.

Would you have done the same?