Monday, 11 October 2010

10 Day Blogging Adventure


Four Turn Offs

  1. Hairy Men - I know sometimes they can't help it but I can't help not liking it, especially back hair that's a big turn off for me but there re ways of managing it so if I fell in love with a hairy man I'm sure we could work something out
  2. Anyone being sick, I cannot stand it, it makes me heave so badly
  3. B.O, nothing worse than if your in a Que, on the bus or walking down the street and you get a whiff of someones B.O, please just buy some deodorant.
  4. Men who dress better than me, I want a man not a boy who's trying out do me.


  1. Ewww...the hairy man! That picture is gross!

  2. 1, 2, 3 definately! for 2 i cant even stand someone coughing behind me

  3. I'm with you on the hairy men and stinky people too. The worst are people who already smell and then go out to publically exercise. They reek to high hell which makes me practically vomit in my mouth whenever I cross paths with them. Know what I mean?

    Have a great week, The Empress

  4. I'm a bit hairy :/ how dare you! haha. But nowhere near as much as that dude. I just have soft fuzz on my tummy, which typically is not a deal-breaker.

  5. Well it is funny you say that because I have just watched a programme on hairy women which is even worse, but some of these women were proud of their hair, one wanted to grow her beard. Isn't that like wanting to be slightly masculine?


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