Thursday, 26 August 2010


I always have to ask my self why did i buy this cute little puppy dog, well because of just that hes a cute little puppy dog.

I wanted a dog as i'd recently split up with someone and wanted some company and I had missed having a dog since our Shiva passed away 6 years ago.

I fell in love with him as soon as i saw him, you wouldn't think butter would melt in his mouth.

Well how wrong i was he should of come with label attached to him saying:

Cute Puppy Dog face = Total desruction of home

The first week we brought him home we left him on his own for 15 mins and he howled the place down so when i went to work we had to take him to mums but he still had to be left on his own at certain times of the day and this is when we found out the full extent of his destructive behaviour.

I came back one afternoon to find he had managed to pull all the pots and pans out the kitchen cupboard and across the floor but it gets better.......

A few weeks later he had managed to pull the oven door open, pull something off the worksurface and it smashed the oven door which cost me quite a bit to replace, that day he also decided to break some kitchen tiles and pull the dile off the washingmachine and put it in the machine it'self.

I'm thinking maybe he was trying to be helpful and get the tea and washing done before we got home, we've got to think positive here.

So we decided he'd have to have a crate as it would be safer for him.

We think he is actually houdini come back as a dog!!

He managed to escape out the cage so many times.

I once came back after hed been left for 2 hours in his cage to find hed escaped and ransacked my room, it looked liked someone had burgled the place.

  • The TV was on the floor

  • The hairdryer and various items of clothing were in the cage

  • Carpet was up

  • Rubbish all over the floor

  • Chewed through my phone charger

  • Ripped a hole in my bed sheet

  • One of designer jackets was in shreds

I reguarly hear my mum shout 'that god dam dog' and 'how can one small dog cause so much destruction'

The day my brother came back to find him sitting on the kicthen window sill having torn all the curtains down and knocked pictures and broken ornament was the day my mother went crazy, 'that dog has got to go' she said. He's still with us though.

He's also done some pretty silly things like going helt for leather towards some glass doors not realising they were shut and knocking himself out.

His latest trick is emptying the contents of the lounge bin across the garden.

But if you put all this aside I love him very much, he is so adorable and all he wants is to be loved he never leaves my side and i look forward to seeing his little face when I get home.

Monday, 23 August 2010



This week in the Uk's 2010 Big Brother we had a few days of terrential rain (yes typical brisitsh summer) and it managed to cause a flash flood throughout the BB house, the contestants had to be evicated to a nearby hotel before been released back into a small section of the house.

However one of the housemates revealed yesterday he knew there was going to be a flood as the spirits told him he said:

'i was going to tell the diary room and say ''there s going to be a flas flood'' but then i didn't'

I mean i believe in premenitions and messages from the unkown but it's a little strange he said this after it happend, bit of coincidence and he just looks an idiot now

Pranks - Video below is funny pranks from TV shows

Starting early?


I want to share what has made me happy this week:

  1. Seeing a friend for a good old gossip and coming away with a guys phone number :)
  2. Been considered for a PR placement
  3. visiting some very old friends i have not seen in 15 years
  4. My Nans cups of Tea
  5. My Computer finally been fixed

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It's a Bloggers Life

Well I've been blogging for one whole month now and I thought I would struggle but it's been so much fun............come on people give me an applause!

The biggest thing I've learnt is

It's not about how many followers you've got it's about how many people read your post and leave a comment as that's why your writing in the first place right?

Here are a few more things I've learnt along the way:

DO check out the blogs of those that leave you comments

it's just courteous seen as they've have made the effort with your blog and you may come across a great blog

DONT be angry at criticism

turn it into a positive and you never know you might learn something new

DO Right short and catchy paragraphs

especially your first paragraph, you want to grab people attention to want to read more

DONT just blog for the sake of blogging

you dont need to blog everyday, that old phrase quality not quantity. i have learnt this and I'm trying to not blog everyday now if i can help it but i have so much to say but then some of it is just useless information

DO use artwork in your posts

brightens the post up and draws attention so people are more likely to read your posts

DONT moan all the time

It's good to have a rant sometimes but all the time just brings a negative feel to your blog, put a few positive or funny posts in there or if you are going to rant make it funny

DO comment on other blogs

Especially if someone comments on yours and this also gives you the chance to check out new blogging material and get ideas for your blog

I joined 20 something bloggers and it opened up a whole new blogging world for me:
  • make lots of friends
  • Finding blogs of similar interest
  • Promoting your blog
  • Creating and been involved in discussions
The last discussion I was involved in was 'Do you have a series post'
There were some good ideas for weekly/monthly posts i.e happy thoughts.
I took these on board and have decided I am going to do the following:

Funny Chuckles
Happy Thoughts
Unhappy Rants (if there are any)

Reviews of other blogs
A new artist

Through 20SB I have been introduced to the world of blog hopping.
It's the new way of discovering and been discovered
A genius idea where:
  • You follow a blog who does a blog hop day
  • On blog hop day add your name to the blog hop post
  • Pick other blogs to view
  • when you view them comment and say you found them at blog hop and follow if you like
  • Other will hopefully view your blog and follow you
I just did one this Monday called Mingle Monday@Life of Meg check it out.

But the idea gave me a ding ding light bulb inside my head about discovering and been discovered.
Everyday I am going to click on 2 blogs I haven't visited before, leave a comment and follow if I like the content.
What do you think?

Also I have realised I follow that many blogs that interest me now that I am going to have a reading day and a writing day.
It's a bloggers life.

Oh and i am much better since my last post, thank god.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Party Girl becomes Hibernating Hamster :(

Yes thats right this party animal was due for her usual Thursday - Sunday all night partying shanigans no sleep etc etc etc which turned into hideaway hamster hibernation in the comforts of a duvet, tea and TV.......

Can't really explain how I feel, I dont feel ill I just feel Strange

On Tuesday I started feeling sick everyday after work

Thursday I started to feel faint every so often whilst I was at work and worse when i got back

Friday I felt faint constantly

Saturday I started getting Headaches with them

so by the time Sunday came i realised i hadnt even left the house all weekend.

Took the dog a walk this afternoon to see if i could get my spirit back, I feel a little better but not fully!

I hate staying in and feeling all weird I am not a hibernator

In my head I am shouting very loudly:


I have hardly spoken to any one all weekend and that is not me, I normally don't shut up!

My friend and I decided it could be due to the office idiot we call 'GAY BOY' he's not ga

y but he just takes everything way to seriously and he's way to easy to wind up at everyone else's expense, you see he was ill and decided to cough and fan his cough around the office...... how very mature of you gay boy!! i was not aware of this until my friend told me.

Oh if your wondering why there is a picture of karl Pilkington it's because we think gay boy looks like him and this really winds him up something rotton.

Anyhow my friend I got a little evil at our illness' shes ill too now and had the following conversation on Facebook:

My friend:

so wen he gets back im gonna wak the fan across his head LOL

and i hope he has a rubbish holiday

looses all his money

his mates desert him

and i hope he falls in a ditch and sleeps there



and gets really bad sunburn that makes him sick with the pain and he cant find any painkillers, then in the ditch someone steals his clothes

man we are making a good story lol


LOL yessssssssssss

that sounds great!!!

i hope someone robs his hotel room

of all his clothes and possesions!

and then cries like the whole holiday

i dont want him 2 loose his passport tho bcus that means he will get more time away from work and in the sun lol

we are evil >:)



yea so he has to come home in his dirty underpants smelling very bad



yepppppp that sounds about right

oh i do feel sorry for the people who sits next to him on the plane ha


i know they'll need to drop the oxygen masks as they wont be able to breath



good one !!

and then i hope the company goes bust who he has booked ibiza with next month

so then he cant go hahahaha

I think we got a bit carried away but I am thinking there are a few people who are ill after he wafted that fan and so we felt the need to be slightly evil.... however we would not wish any of this to really happen!


Maybe I'm too much of a party animal and this is the big guy up above saying 'girl you need to slow the hell down'

Well whatever it is i want it to go away, I've missed out on valuable partying this weekend:

Thursday i wasn't able to attend Girly Thursday at our new Thursday Night Digs

Friday - I missed out on a date with a mate (yes male) that i Haven't seen for months

Saturday- My Friends Birthday party BBQ

Not only have missed out on the fun but potential new friends and lovers, every second counts girls, am so angry with my body.

So i am saying to myself get better soon and i hope you all had a better weekend than me :)

Funny Chuckles, Rants and Happy Thoughts

yes this post has a new name because........

After having a discussion on 20SB about a series post, there were so many good ideas and i couldn't do all of them so i thought i would put these three in one post for every week.

Every one is entitled to get anything off their chest or share their happy thought too or just comment on the Funny Chuckles.


I've already pimped her out once this week but she's ace so I'm going to pimp her out again. Yes you've guessed it Annah @ Red Means Go .
Annah has created a shop with all her designs on objects like mugs, ties, bags.

They have a very fresh, new funky feel and would make an ideal comical present for birthdays, fathers days, even get well soon presents and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

Her address is at the bottom by the comments

Me and my un-common sense

You will hear more about my no common sense brain but i remembered this story last night and thought it would make you all laugh.

Last year i had my own apartment and for Christmas my lovely father decided to buy me a slow cooker as to save me cooking food when i got home from work.

Lovely thought Dad but i still have to prepare the food in the morning which means getting up earlier but anyway...

I decided to try this slow cooker out, so prepared all the food in the morning put it the slow cooker to be ready when i got back from work to find i hadn't switched it on but....

The story doesn't end there oh no there more of my brainless anticts to come

As it was a Friday night i decided I'd switch it on and as its suppose to cook for 6 hours I'd just eat at 11pm and have a snack for now only

Silly me fell asleep..... Whoops and forgot all about it

The next morning my housemate woke up to a smoke filled apartment and the insides of the slow cooker looking like something you'd find after an explosion, thankfully there was no fire but of all the silly things only i could do that.


I felt so sorry for this little chap, he had his head stuck in a glass jar for 10 days and wasn't able to eat or drink.

Had nobody found him, he would have died... poor thing

I am an animal lover so anything like this make me sad :(


This section is to get anything off my chest that has annoyed me this week and likewise if any of you want to please do in this post on comments.

  • Like a guy in an old banger of a car that overtook a sports car on the wrong side of the road! Why?? because he thought it was cool and it was his get away car! maybe he was wearing car goggles like beer goggles only when your in a rubbish car you think your in a racing car Kapesh?

  • The Fact i have been ill this week and haven't been able to do the things i have wanted yo do, makes me very grouchy!


After a negative you should always have a positive

so here are the things that have made me happy this week, please share your too:

  • Going back to the gym

  • Finding out about a PR placement

  • The colour pink

  • Eating a wagon Wheel

  • Finally selling the dog cage (now there is less clutter in the garage)

  • The device below is amazing and if you have a tape player in your car and have an ipod then please get one its genius

I have a tape player in my car but as i have an Ipod and don't use Cd's that much anymore i didn't see the point in buying a CD player just so i can play an Ipod from it do i bought a radio transmitter instead and this worked just about, it used jump stations , there was a lot of interference and the ipod managed to pause it's self all the time.
The other i managed find the awesome device where its a tape, you put in the tape player the lead goes into your ipod and it plays in your car, no interference, no pausing, its just so great and I'm very happy.

Saturday, 14 August 2010


I had to ask myself this after commenting on a post yesterday and advising honesty is the best policy!

I suppose it depends on the situation but then there are those people who have to be honest no matter what the circumstances are, like myself if i tell a lie even if it be a white lie it plays on my mind, it just stays there in my head like a bad smell and it won't go away that in the end i have to say something but then i find i try and make it sound better and find that this tends not to work as i just dig a bigger hole for myself.
For those people like myself i would say just be honest all the time if you can because it will just eat you up inside and you know that honesty will make you feel better in the end even if the times will be hard for a while but..........

the only time you should consider not telling the truth is if it's something you know that will hurt the persons feelings it's about however do not get this mixed up with something you've done and don't want to hurt the persons feelings.

For example:
Lets say you saw your best friends husband passionately kissing another woman, when you ask her how they are she says everything is fine, this is the situation where you have to think do i or do i not tell her. see with this you could opt to speak to the husband and give him the chance to come clean
if you are the husband i believe you should come clean, you've done the deed.

Some people would disagree like a friend of mine who did something pretty bad, confided in me but said she can put it to the back of her mind and forget about it although she felt a bit bad at the time.

I just feel if you lie, this turns into a bigger lie and then other people might get involved and you have to try and cover it up and i could go on all night like a rusty saw!

so is honesty the best policy well in most cases yes.

What is your opinion on this?

Friday, 13 August 2010


So i checked out these new blogs today from:

Thought i'd share my views on all of them as i think everyone derserves to be pimped out and given a fair go!!

Pretty in pink

A blog for if you like beuty, fashion and girly things :)
This blog is awesome for up and coming beuty products she has a really nice princessy themed feel to her blog and her posts can also make quite a good debate especially her latest one have a look.


If you want other readers to read your blog and get new followers then follow this blog, she is a major blog hopper and loves promoting new blogs and anybody's products if any of you guys have business'. Also does many giveaways too if you are a a giveaway freak like me :)

I also thought i'd answer the Friday five on her website:
1. Have you ever Visited another country?
Yes quite a few, Australia, USA, France and Spain oh and breifly China
2. Where is the strangest place you have ever been?
well i'd have to say either a place called Port Merion in Wales where the 60's series 'The Prisoner' was filmed or a place in Australia called Nimbin.
3.What is your favorite Season?
Well in England i'd love to say summer but its rare we get a nice summer here so i'd have to say spring
4.What one song will always cheer you up?
Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine. Without a doubt that makes you feel good
5.What Disney Character do you resemble Most?

Jessica@lifes good be happy

Love this cute little lady, she basicly just blogs about what she sees and thinks everyday, a little like me i suppose!! her posts make a very interesting read and even things you may have missed in the news, i was shocked at something she had said was on the news earlier this week, read and find out!

Emily@ city girl can survive
This woman has some big opinions on things and isn't afraid to express them. Please have a read and see what you think, show her some blogger lovin :)
Andrea @ Confessions of a Daydream Believer
I love her crazy stories they are very comical and i had to keep reading to find out more.

The below Blogs are not ones i came across today but are my favourite blogs of all time and i read every new post and cannot wait for the next one, so all of you must take a look at these if you havn't already:
Jazz @ The Date Experiment
This lady has me gripped from the word go, her stories of disastrous dates and outrageous tales of singleton life i cannot get enough of. if you want something to relate to, something you know you'll want more of and will have to comment on then read this blog
Paige @ Awkward Sex and the city
This Girl does not care what she has to say or how she says it and thats why i like it so much, it's definatley worth a look in my books.
Last but not least Annah@ Red Means go
I love Annah's blog, her quirky, cool and funky drawings are what attracted me to her blog in the first place but she has the most hilarious stories i've heard. By far one of my favorite blogs of all time.

I ask you to try and check out some of these if not all of them and please comment that you have found them from my blog if you are not a follower already.

FRIDAY FOLLOWERS check them out

Thursday, 12 August 2010

An influential young Woman.....

Eliza Doolittle!!!

The First time i heard the gorgeous singing voice of this cheeky lady i thought i was tuned into the wrong radio station her music is different to most modern singers that are on a young persons radio!

But that's why i liked it because it was different and i love listening to alternative music from time to time.

Her songs are soul and folk based but her voice reminds of a 1940's wartime singer. you know you here the voice and it's just so pleasant to listen too you could just drift away.

Anyway you may wonder the reason behind this post.

Well not only do i like her voice and music but after listening to an interview with on Radio one yesterday i just feel shes somewhat influential for me as a new artist because she has a 'don't care' attitude but not in a teenage type strop way but as in 'if i want to sing differently i will' and 'if i want to wear that i will' , she wore trainers on the red carpet because she said they felt comfortable, we should all take a leaf out of this young ladies book she definitely has the right outlook on life!! A laid back little lady.

Also the fact that she is determined to succeed, she decided from a young age she loved singing and said at age 12 she needed a job so would sing so she wrote her first song and performed it not long after.

The First song i heard was the one below which 'pack up' but she has a new one out called 'Rollerblades'

Let me know what you guy's think and if you have any think any young women are influential.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Festival fun in the sun :)

so after holiday, well actually i came back 3 days early from holiday to experience my first festival and my god was it amazing, i loved it so much like its up there with the best of everything in my life like my 21st birthday and the day i bought my first pony. it has to be one of the best weekends in my life ever. It rocked

But anyway i thought i'd share my experience with you all!

Well to start with my friend had said to me please call me as soon as you land back in the UK as i need to tell you the plans for the next day. so i land at like 12am for her to tell me that i need to drive my car as there's not enough room in the car we were meant to be going in but guess what my car has a flat tyre and the nut ratchet had rounded off so i wasn't able to get the nuts off to change it for the spare.

However all was not lost..... or so i thought, because 2 of the lads coming said they'd come out at 1:30am (bear in mind we had to be up at 8am) to see if they could help, well they tried everything possible to get those nuts off even tried ringing a few people to see if they could help ... bless them but no it just wasn't going to happen, so there's me thinking great start, this is going to be an awesome weekend.

Anyhow i managed to convince them that we'd get everything in their car even if we have to pile it on top of us.

so off i go to bed at 2:30am to be up at 8am to leave for 9-9:30am. All going well until guess what men been men.... were late by 90 minutes!! So typical to moan at us saying you best be ready, don't want you take ages because you've gotta to stick your make up on and then they are late anyway, one rule for one..... you know what i'm on about right girls?

Car journey wasn't too bad, parked up on arrival and waited for an hour to get in. £7 for a program just because it had metal binders and a strap that went round your neck with a clip that you could pull off someones neck if you wanted too, ooooo very technical, waste of money but the boys had to have one but i asked if i could look at the program and managed to break it...whoops, they weren't best happy!!

Then we were inside the festival and i saw these pink boots that i just had to buy as i was wearing a pink top and black shorts, so i purchased and i have to say i looked quite the little raver... well what do you think

please click the link below as the video is hilarious, i think selective hearing came to mind on my part!!

i also include a video of Armin Van Burren now this has a funny story as one of the lads decided we should go see his set. so four of us went and i have to say it was a dam good set but do you think he could shut up about it all weekend OH NO!!!

'armin van burren is the man'

'armin van burren was amazing'

'it's all about armin van burren'

'armin van burren is the only reason i came, i'm off home now'

these were just a few of a whole list we had to listen to all weekend so then everything became armin van something and to this day there are certain objects and words that i will not be able to say without including the libe armin van within the sentance they are included in.

so as i've heard the toilets were discusting and we were desprate so we took our loo roll and deciding it was actually better to pee in the field by the carpark as no one can see you and it's not such a mess. but my friend was like:

F -'i cant do it'

me 'do what'

F - 'i cant go'

me - 'go where'

F -'well nothings happening, i'm under pressure'

me -' for the love of god, if you need to go just go'

F ' ok i'm gunna try'

15 minutes later......

me -' you gone yet'

F-'nah still trying'

And yes i got my festival fun with someone in a tent, that didn't go a miss!! It was totally worth it.

I also managed to throw a wasp that i thought was dead and was going to throw out the window whilst we were in the car just at someone's head in the car because it moved when i picked it up!!

i managed to survive on 5 hours sleep the whole weekend!! But It is the best Weekend i have had in a long long time so i don't care, fun in underated... is that a word?

And the picture below is Ace!!

Anyone else like to share their festival stories?

i also apologize about the links to the videos, it would not let me upload them on here.

Monday, 9 August 2010

This weeks Funny Chuckles!!

So I thought i'd share some more funnies with you again!

I just thought you may all enjoy the pictures below!
So was this the class for 'the dog who looks most like it's owner'

And i love kitty 'ok it was me i did it, i stole the fish from the fridge and then put the empty packet in the dogs basket'


I was reading an article in the telegraph which explained that although sat nav's help us tremendousley sometimes people just take them too seriousley and dont use their common sense. i.e if it takes you down a road that says no entry why would you drive down it or road closed due to mud slide!! you cant really answer 'well the sat nav told me to come down here and the sat nav is never wrong'

But the best example was about a family looking for some waterfalls in Wales, the postcode to the falls shares the same postcode as a cul- de- sac nearby and apparantly the particular family in question pulled up on someones drive knocked on the door and asked if it was the entrance to the falls! Classic, i dont know how i'd react if someone said that to me, i think i would have to ask if they were been serious.

Well this made an interesting read. There i was just browsing through the local metro and came across this article on a load of loons going on a rollercoaster naked! i mean theres feeling free and all but that is taking it a bit too far don't you think? Whatever suits and what would your mothers say, although some of them could of been your mother and father!! i don't think i'd want some old mans wadger wanging in my face as we go down the big dip!! Not sure about you people?