Wednesday, 18 August 2010

It's a Bloggers Life

Well I've been blogging for one whole month now and I thought I would struggle but it's been so much fun............come on people give me an applause!

The biggest thing I've learnt is

It's not about how many followers you've got it's about how many people read your post and leave a comment as that's why your writing in the first place right?

Here are a few more things I've learnt along the way:

DO check out the blogs of those that leave you comments

it's just courteous seen as they've have made the effort with your blog and you may come across a great blog

DONT be angry at criticism

turn it into a positive and you never know you might learn something new

DO Right short and catchy paragraphs

especially your first paragraph, you want to grab people attention to want to read more

DONT just blog for the sake of blogging

you dont need to blog everyday, that old phrase quality not quantity. i have learnt this and I'm trying to not blog everyday now if i can help it but i have so much to say but then some of it is just useless information

DO use artwork in your posts

brightens the post up and draws attention so people are more likely to read your posts

DONT moan all the time

It's good to have a rant sometimes but all the time just brings a negative feel to your blog, put a few positive or funny posts in there or if you are going to rant make it funny

DO comment on other blogs

Especially if someone comments on yours and this also gives you the chance to check out new blogging material and get ideas for your blog

I joined 20 something bloggers and it opened up a whole new blogging world for me:
  • make lots of friends
  • Finding blogs of similar interest
  • Promoting your blog
  • Creating and been involved in discussions
The last discussion I was involved in was 'Do you have a series post'
There were some good ideas for weekly/monthly posts i.e happy thoughts.
I took these on board and have decided I am going to do the following:

Funny Chuckles
Happy Thoughts
Unhappy Rants (if there are any)

Reviews of other blogs
A new artist

Through 20SB I have been introduced to the world of blog hopping.
It's the new way of discovering and been discovered
A genius idea where:
  • You follow a blog who does a blog hop day
  • On blog hop day add your name to the blog hop post
  • Pick other blogs to view
  • when you view them comment and say you found them at blog hop and follow if you like
  • Other will hopefully view your blog and follow you
I just did one this Monday called Mingle Monday@Life of Meg check it out.

But the idea gave me a ding ding light bulb inside my head about discovering and been discovered.
Everyday I am going to click on 2 blogs I haven't visited before, leave a comment and follow if I like the content.
What do you think?

Also I have realised I follow that many blogs that interest me now that I am going to have a reading day and a writing day.
It's a bloggers life.

Oh and i am much better since my last post, thank god.


  1. I've been blogging for about a month too. I never thought it would be this much fun. I like the whole social side of blogging and i agree totally with the followers vs comments. I think if someone takes the time time to comment it means a lot. I'm always happy when i see a comment on my post. Getting followrs is nice but it doesn't always mean that they read what you write, i think the majority do but not all. Great post. Ive just discovered blog hopping, i hope to link to other blogs in my posts soon.

  2. So glad you decided to blog-happy anniversary!

  3. Congrats! Have you gotten your pension and 401k papers in the mail yet? ;)

  4. Great tips and congrats for blogging for a month. Thanks a million for your lovely comment on my blog.:)SarahD

  5. I always love reading posts like these. Blogging is such an amazing thing and it helps you connect with people you would never meet otherwise!

    Congrats on making it a month!

  6. Great tips here! And thanks for the comment on my blog. I definitely plan on camping again in the near future. :) As far as themed weekly/monthly posts go, I've been considering doing something similar as well. I joined (as I mention in a couple of my older posts) which is pretty neat, but I'd like to come up with something of my own, too.

  7. This is absolutely true, when people blog every day it just loses it's merit and excitment when my favorite bloggers blog, I just want to scream, I'm excited like a nerd. And congrats on making it a month, it's hard work :)

  8. Great tips! I recently joined 20SB too!

  9. I've been blogging for a long time (about 11 years) but I never stuck with one blog for so long. I'm still trying to find my niche, so to speak. But I love 20sb too! It helps me connect with so many awesome bloggers (uhhh YOU haha). Lots of good advice in this post :)

  10. Hi I just found your blog through I love this post- it's so sweet how much enthusiasm you have for blogging :) I'm glad you found 20sb too!! Keep blogging I can't wait to read your future posts!


  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. Glad i could be of some use.
    Also thanks to those who have checked my blog out first time, i have had a look at yours and left comments too!

  12. Love this post, some very good advice!
    Thank you for your comment, it is always hard to find ladies who aren't afraid to have a strong voice, I'm glad I can connect with so many through my blog!
    I agree, Mingle Monday is amazing!

  13. Awesome you're enjoying it so much!
    Keep writing - i love your blog x

  14. hmm :) i think it depends i guess on what the purpose of your blog is? :)

    my purpose is actually like a diary so i can keep track of what im doing. :) but it does make me happier if i know people leave comments because then i can have someone to communicate with. and even gain new friends :)


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