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So there I was the day before Christmas Eve watching a film before going to bed. You know when you look what's on just for something to watch and think this will do half expecting it to be rubbish, well to start with the film was but then I actually really enjoyed it.

It was called the Illusionist and was about the latter (hence the name) with a love story twist in it but got me thinking about all the famous illusionists there have ever been.

So I decided to do some research on them and what
I found was quite interesting:


Magician of the Millennium

You are more than likely already aware of this mysterious man from such TV series like "Street Magic" and "Magic Man" which first aired in 1997 through ABC television.
Born in 1973, the 37 year old had been interested in magical illusions from a young age as his mother was a gypsy practicing in magic. He would perform card tricks regularly on the street through
his childhood and as a teenager he even performed in some TV
commercials and as an extra on daytime drama's.
Sadly his mother died of Ovarian Cancer in 1994 but this made him stronger and his worldwide career was just around the corner.
The UK first became aware of his presence in 2000 and since then he has performed many endurance style acts and pushed his body to the limit.
I'm sure you all watched as he buried himself alive for seven days and or his few days in an Ice Box.
Although he was criticised for his "dive of death" stunt where he proposed to hang upside down for 60 hours but was seen standing upright regularly whilst doctors checked his health before hanging again.
Apart from this I do believe he is an inspiring man to watch. Do you agree?

No not the novel by Charles Dickens but the most commercially successful magician of the 21st century. He has been in the Guinness Book of Records and has his own Hollywood star.
Born in 1956 he always enjoyed telling stories and started practicing magic when he was 10
years old, by 14 he was sent to the Society of American
Magicians and was teaching his own course there by 16.
By 19 his television and commercial career began in the late 70's with his first TV show called "The magic of ABC". He has had many television appearances since.
His major stunts included walking through the great wall of China and making the Statue of Liberty disappear.
He did have a close shave of death with one of his stunts where he was handcuffed and chained in a tank of water but became entangled in the chain
s and had to be lifted out the tank, the stunt was ironically entitled "escape from death".
One of his role models was Walt Disney and there were plans for him to have a magical underground restaurant built at Disney World but this fell through.

The magical partnership from Germany.
Both had been interested in magic since a young age like many of the famous illusionists. Siegfried had seen a book about magic but was unable to afford it until one day he found the money lying in the gutter and purchased the book. Performing his first magic trick in front of his father who was most impressed
Roy on the other hand found he was able to communicate with animals after he nearly sunk in quicksand and his dog fetched help.
The pair met in 1957 on a cruise ship where Roy saw Seigfried perform and Roy then became the assistant.
After 5 years of been his assistant Roy suggested bringing larger more dangerous animals to the show, Roy managed to smuggle a Cheetah from the zoo and
the magic only got better from here.
They proved to Las Vegas that magic works and have performed all over the world receiving many awards.

AND FINALLY...............

THE MOST FAMOUS OF THEM ALL........................

Born 1874, from Budapest, Hungary, Houdini did not have the best childhood. The family was poor and constantly had to move around America where he moved to when he was just 4 years old.
He started working when he was 8 to help the family out financially and performed his first trapeze stunt at just 9 years old.
A few years later he ran away from home, following and performing with the circus before returning home to his family a year later.
After his father died when he was just 18 years old, he began many different jobs, and learnt how to pick locks. He liked to stay in shape which helped him with his escape artistic work.
He started performing by himself and making money, then he and his brother became a double act until he met his wife and they performed all over the world.
He would offer $100 to anyone who could produce a pair of handcuffs that he couldn't escape from, no one was paid this hence he was given the name "the handcuff king".
His career did go quiet for a while until he met an agent called Martin Beck who put him as his headline act and his career progressed from here.
1900 he came over to Europe.
Some of his great escapes were:
Water Tank Escape
Straight jacket escape
Jail Escape

He has been dead 75 years but his name will always live on.

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Friday, 29 October 2010

NEW UP and COMING......


First heard these guys through a friend and really enjoyed their music.
The Alternative Electronic Rock Band from the Midlands UK have been together for 5 years however reformed this year with a new unique edge.

They hold their gigs throughout the Midlands and the UK and have had much support from the local radio stations like BBC Shropshire.

This is their latest track please click the link below and let me know your thoughts on GIVE CHASE:

If you like their unique style please follow them on:
All their gig dates and latest albums/tracks will be listed on her

Click any of the links above.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Magaluf Diaries

Entry 2
19th September 2010
After some much deserved sleep we awake at 12pm a little disorientated as to where we are and slightly bad heads.
We decide to freshen ourselves up put our bikinis on head out find something to eat pronto before beaching it all day.
Its very hot today and we wander down the street to 'The Irish Bar' and notice all day breakfast for 3 euros (bargain), really friendly Irish people and the food is so nice I could eat another plateful.
After letting our breakfast go down we stop by the shop to get some Allioli (the best garlic sauce in the world) and crisps to keep us going at the beach.
The beach is so pretty, has crystal clear waters, in fact its that clear a Sheol of fish swam through my legs i nearly jumped out my skin. Lots of things to do, but all we want to do is sleep and sunbath.
After a good 6 hours sunning ourselves we head back to our apartment for a cheese sandwich, relax and more sleep before getting ready to go out.
Tonight we decide that we will give the strip and miss as we are meeting some friends from back home who are also in Magaluf.
We meet them in Bobby's Tavern which caters more for the older generation and has a Rod Stuart Tribute playing but the music is old classics which I do enjoy.
I end up getting quite drunk again as I take a few shots of Sambuca (The devils drink).
We go to a different bar, again caters for the older generation but the music is better and the place quite trendy and up market. One of our friends decides to do his own Michael Jackson tribute....... well he tried, not going to say he was successful. I do believe he did not remember this in the morning.

At one point I went to the toilet and some 40 something woman who was so up herself had the same dress as me and thought she was amazing (I was not wearing the same dress she just had the same dress), I was very drunk and was not impressed with her snobbishness so decided to confront her and said 'Is that dress from French Connection?' 'yes' she says 'thought so I've got it only seen as I'm 20 years younger than you, it looks 10 times better on me' and walked out the loo's but proceeded to get dirty looks from her and friends all night. Oh well you only live once and she shouldn't be so up herself.
Once the place closes we end up going to find some Pizza as we get a little craving for it.
We find a takeaway place up the strip but the owner is very seedy, he says to my friend she is allowed free pizza so when she goes to get free Pizza he said 'I only give you free pizza if you send Becky here' , so I go round and get my free pizza and he still won't let my friend have any but advises if we go there the same time tomorrow he will give her free pizza, in the meantime my friend is extremely drunk and decided to market some oil by lying across the counter. I on the other hand am tired and would just like to go home but Miss Chatterbox continues to lye across the counter and passers by look at me with strange faces as if we are some kind of Alien that has just landed from an unknown planet.
We wander back and finally get into bed at 6am.

10 Day Blogging Adventure

Day Nine

Two words that describe your life right now:


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Primarni here I come.....

Going back into the student world hasn't been that easy financially, I am unable to just walk into one of my favourite designer high street stores and purchase a £150 dress instead I need to look for alternative more cost effective ways to keep my fashion addiction going.

The other day whilst out shopping in Merry Hill Shopping Mall I walked into Primark and they actually have some very reasonable items of clothing for an unbelievable price, it was like student heaven like the Jacket below:
Really nice jersey material blazer for £13.00, comfortable but stylish w
hich you can wear for going out or more casually.

I wore it for a night out to trendy bars, I decided to match it with wet look leggings, a long t-shirt top also from Primark for £5 and the shoes shown below, the big bangle added some glamour to the outfit and again from Primark for £2

I am inspired by the designer Nikki Lund who designs for WTB clothing, all rock chic glamour which I love.
My favourite piece has to be these leopard print wet look leggings:

Also this week I bought some new make-up from Me Me Me:
I wanted some shimmer for my cheeks as the brand I had been using was discontinued and I haven't found anything as good since, this Me Me Me shimmer pad gives you a glow but not as much shimmer as my original product but for £6 it's a bargain.
If anyone has any other products that may give more shimmer to your cheeks please let me know as I would love to try them out.

What is everyone else's favourite piece or purchase so far this season?

10 Day Blogging Adventure


3 Turn On's

  1. Tanned skin on men or women, you look way healthier with a slight glow and not to mention sexy too.
  2. Eye contact, nothing can beat having a conversation through eye contact
  3. A toned body and I don't mean lots of big muscles just a nice toned body is something I appreciate.

Do you agree?