Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Primarni here I come.....

Going back into the student world hasn't been that easy financially, I am unable to just walk into one of my favourite designer high street stores and purchase a £150 dress instead I need to look for alternative more cost effective ways to keep my fashion addiction going.

The other day whilst out shopping in Merry Hill Shopping Mall I walked into Primark and they actually have some very reasonable items of clothing for an unbelievable price, it was like student heaven like the Jacket below:
Really nice jersey material blazer for £13.00, comfortable but stylish w
hich you can wear for going out or more casually.

I wore it for a night out to trendy bars, I decided to match it with wet look leggings, a long t-shirt top also from Primark for £5 and the shoes shown below, the big bangle added some glamour to the outfit and again from Primark for £2

I am inspired by the designer Nikki Lund who designs for WTB clothing, all rock chic glamour which I love.
My favourite piece has to be these leopard print wet look leggings:

Also this week I bought some new make-up from Me Me Me:
I wanted some shimmer for my cheeks as the brand I had been using was discontinued and I haven't found anything as good since, this Me Me Me shimmer pad gives you a glow but not as much shimmer as my original product but for £6 it's a bargain.
If anyone has any other products that may give more shimmer to your cheeks please let me know as I would love to try them out.

What is everyone else's favourite piece or purchase so far this season?


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