Friday, 22 October 2010

Magaluf Diaries

Entry 2
19th September 2010
After some much deserved sleep we awake at 12pm a little disorientated as to where we are and slightly bad heads.
We decide to freshen ourselves up put our bikinis on head out find something to eat pronto before beaching it all day.
Its very hot today and we wander down the street to 'The Irish Bar' and notice all day breakfast for 3 euros (bargain), really friendly Irish people and the food is so nice I could eat another plateful.
After letting our breakfast go down we stop by the shop to get some Allioli (the best garlic sauce in the world) and crisps to keep us going at the beach.
The beach is so pretty, has crystal clear waters, in fact its that clear a Sheol of fish swam through my legs i nearly jumped out my skin. Lots of things to do, but all we want to do is sleep and sunbath.
After a good 6 hours sunning ourselves we head back to our apartment for a cheese sandwich, relax and more sleep before getting ready to go out.
Tonight we decide that we will give the strip and miss as we are meeting some friends from back home who are also in Magaluf.
We meet them in Bobby's Tavern which caters more for the older generation and has a Rod Stuart Tribute playing but the music is old classics which I do enjoy.
I end up getting quite drunk again as I take a few shots of Sambuca (The devils drink).
We go to a different bar, again caters for the older generation but the music is better and the place quite trendy and up market. One of our friends decides to do his own Michael Jackson tribute....... well he tried, not going to say he was successful. I do believe he did not remember this in the morning.

At one point I went to the toilet and some 40 something woman who was so up herself had the same dress as me and thought she was amazing (I was not wearing the same dress she just had the same dress), I was very drunk and was not impressed with her snobbishness so decided to confront her and said 'Is that dress from French Connection?' 'yes' she says 'thought so I've got it only seen as I'm 20 years younger than you, it looks 10 times better on me' and walked out the loo's but proceeded to get dirty looks from her and friends all night. Oh well you only live once and she shouldn't be so up herself.
Once the place closes we end up going to find some Pizza as we get a little craving for it.
We find a takeaway place up the strip but the owner is very seedy, he says to my friend she is allowed free pizza so when she goes to get free Pizza he said 'I only give you free pizza if you send Becky here' , so I go round and get my free pizza and he still won't let my friend have any but advises if we go there the same time tomorrow he will give her free pizza, in the meantime my friend is extremely drunk and decided to market some oil by lying across the counter. I on the other hand am tired and would just like to go home but Miss Chatterbox continues to lye across the counter and passers by look at me with strange faces as if we are some kind of Alien that has just landed from an unknown planet.
We wander back and finally get into bed at 6am.


  1. lol love what you said to that woman, she was totaly wearing your dress. bitch. :)

  2. miss chatterbox?! hahaah lovee it.. :) so embarassed by my antics tho!!!


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