Saturday, 9 October 2010

Magaluf Diaries

Entry one:

Date: 18th September 2010

I am so tired as I didn't finish packing until last minute last night, I couldn't decided what I wanted to take and then I'd forget something. Oh and we had the fiasco with the padlock, in the sense that I couldn't actually padlock my suitcase because one of the zip pulls had broke but with a bit of string it all worked out.

Our journey from the UK to Majorca took 12 hours, from the time we left my house at 8am, got dropped at the coach station and had a 3 hour coach Journey to Gatwick Airport, then another few hours through security before boarding the plane for a 2 hours flight and then 2 more hours the other side before arriving at our hotel.

We nearly missed our flight because the airport never put the gate number up and then decided to display last call for boarding and the gate number which was a 15 minute walk away. I have never run so fast in my life but I didn't need to as when we got to the gate there was a massive Que but I needed the exercise looking at the positive side.

The arrival and transport to our hotel went a lot smoother than the departure from the UK, I was very impressed with speed of it all.

But we arrived in daylight and it was dark by the time we reached our hotel.
Upon arriving at Sol Lunamar Hotel we were greeted by the receptionist who was very friendly and we were shown the way to our apartment/room.

The apartment was small but homely and had everything we needed including a balcony that overlooked the pool area.
We decided as it was so late we would get changed and go explore the Magaluf strip.
On the way down to the strip we passed by a restaurant and noticed they had an offer on pizza, we were quite hungry so popped in.

The restaurant was quite classy, nicely laid out tables and decor, the waitress took our orders and we waited patiently for our food. We had a whole pizza each and I managed all mine as I was very hungry but at the end I decided to take off the pineapple chunks of the last slice and realised it had made a face which made me chuckle.

The walk to the strip took about 10 minutes but it wasn't cold so we were quite happy in our little dresses and small shrugs.
We got to the bottom of the strip and looked up and it was just bright lights and people everywhere for as far as you could see but as soon as you start walking up the strip the fun starts.

They come at you like vultures trying to get you into their bar (I was warned about this), we were crushed by the first bloke who said 'hello sexy ladies come into the best bar on the strip and I'll get you 2 for one on drinks and a free shot'

We walked into Chaplins Bar to find it populated with many men, most quite a bit older than us and on a stag do, we did notice going further up the strip that there were many stag and hen do's out so I would say it is a good place to go for this type of party holiday.

There's lots of fun games to be played, at one point the DJ said any men left with there tops on at the end of this track will have a for fit so as you can imagine there were already a lot of men in there but to then be surrounded by semi-naked men was very crazy.

The bar played golden oldies like 'I would walk 500 miles' and 'walking on sunshine' which was good to have a boogie to.
We left after we'd had had our drinks and carried on up the strip to be surrounded yet again, at one point a bloke picked me up chucked me over his shoulder and said ' your coming with me into my bar' and I shouted at my friend 'I'm been taken hostage' he put me back down and off I went into the arms of another guy who asked where my friend and I were going to which we replied 'not in there' he said 'what do you want' my friend said as a joke ' car bonnets' he said 'I can do car bonnets and deliver then but only if you come and get a drink first' so off we went again.

This time the bar Mulligans played more modern music, was less crowded and had an area to sit outside which we decided to do.

Finally we got dragged over to The Office Bar which the sign reminded me off the brand of shoes Office which I adore.

This was a really modern upbeat bar and was full of young people and played really good up to date music, it had a small upstairs bar area and a bigger dance floor bit down some steps. Out of all the three bars we visited this was the friendliest. We were approached by different people male and female wanting to talk to us and we felt really at home there.

At about 3am we decided to wander back to our hotel and try to stay out the way of the vultures.
So far my impression of Magaluf is it's a cheap crazy party town, we will see what happens tomorrow when I will view Magaluf by day........

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