Thursday, 30 September 2010

10 Day Blogging Adventure

So I noticed this post @ Diary of a Newlywed (check her
blog out it's awesome) and decided to give it a go myself.

Here are the daily instructions for this 10 day blogging adventure:
Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.
Day Two: Nine things about yourself that most people don't know.
Day Three: Eight things you couldn't live without.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you could change or you wish you’d never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot to you.
Day Seven: Four turn offs.
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two words that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession.
Day One

  1. Mum I never say I love you, so I am saying it now I love you very much and I don't think I could function without you in my life
  2. Dad, I am not happy with you at the moment, you seem to have an ' I don't care attitude' and I think we need to sit down and talk about it.
  3. Sophie (little CH) I love you like my little sister and I will always be there for you.
  4. Chloe, we need to keep up with seeing each other every week, we're terrible and never make enough time for each other. I can't believe I've know you 13 years
  5. Mum I took £5 out of your purse as I was desperate but I'll give it you back I promise.
  6. To all my friends that don't drive, stop been lazy and just get off your bum and pass your test because you can drive you just can't be bothered
  7. To Tom, am glad after 15 years of not seeing each other we get on so well. I feel like your one of my best mates now
  8. Lydon, thanks for been such a good friend to me, I really don't know what I'd do without you. Your always there to listen
  9. To my dog Toby, if you could understand me I'd tell you how much I love you and to please stop barking when we leave the house as we are never going to abandon you.
  10. Finally I want to tell myself to stop worrying about everything, it's not worth it.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Adventures in the sun part uno

Firstly if you want to go on holiday and party all day and night and you have no money one word:


My friend and I managed to have a good time for five euros one night but more about that later.
Magaluf is situated on the Balearic island of Majorca or as the Spanish spell it Mallorca.
Majorca as a whole has picturesque scenery, made up of mountains, windy roads , gorgeous beaches and in parts crystal clear waters, my friend and I could see shawls of fish swimming between our legs right by the shoreline.
Although Magaluf is known to attract the younger generation because of the party life, there is still much for the family to do by day, there are plenty of beach activities, not far down the road there are two great water parks which unfortunately I missed out on investigating.
Palma Nova which is situated just outside Magaluf caters for families mainly, it is quieter and away from the noise of the nightlife of Magaluf even though it's only a ten minute walkaway.
Magaluf by night is a different story, bright lights, young people, crazy drinking games, karaokes, dancing and lots of noise.

I spent 7 nights there and kept a diary of my time here as an insight for any young person who may want to go to Magaluf

Diary to follow soon..............

If you are interested in booking a vacation to Majorca please try the website TRAVEL REPUBLIC

They always have great deals on package holidays tailor made to suit your needs, check the site out and see for yourself.


I have recently read this Auto Biography and found it horrifying.

Auto Biography's always interest me as it's real life and sometimes it is something I can relate to however this book opened my eyes to a form of child abuse I had never heard of Munchausen By Proxy.

Julie Gregory tells us the story of her childhood and how she did not have one due to her mother causing illness by working her into the ground and inventing symptoms for her daughter to which she would cry to the doctors about and so would be given medication which in effect made her worse meaning more trips to the doctor.

The Blurb on the back of this book is right as it is the worse form of child abuse:
  • doctors think the mother is distressed and just want to help
  • child believes the only way to be loved is to pretend to be ill (causing them to be ill)
  • it goes unseen by most as there are no physical signs
After reading Julie's story I wanted to investigate further into MBP as I was most disturbed by what I had read and wanted to know if there were many cases like this and what caused parents to act this way towards their child as I cannot understand how you would want to hurt another human being that you have carried inside you for 9 months.

After reading into MBP I found 90% of the time the parent was abused as a child and they act this way as they get attention/care/love from everyone around them as their child is sick. They crave the attention they never had as a child.

One case I read about where a mother had been injecting salt water into her 4 month old son which caused many issues and he needed to be hospitalised and this is where she was found out.
A nurse caught the mother disconnecting the feeding tube and so the nurse reported this.
Police investigated the woman's home to find salt and syringes all over the house, the mother has been given a 15 year jail sentence which I don't think justifies the fact that this little boy will now never lead a normal life as he will now suffer one or more of the following:
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Blindness
  • Epilepsy
  • Other conditions
Quotes from the book:

'the part I hated most was the shaving. I mean , if your'e a twelve year old girl, how much hair can you have on your chest? But they lather me up anyway and run a new plastic bic between my barley there breasts. They needed me smooth and hairless so the little white pads would stick to those points con-stellated around my heart and record my beats'

'"How do you act when your sick Julie? Show me?" I slouch the edge of the table, limbs dangling. I hang my tongue out and my bottom lip falls away from my teeth
"That's right. Now what do you think the doctor is going to say if he comes in here and sees you're sitting up and smiling? Do you think he's going to believe me when I say your sick? You got to show him how sick you are" '

'Books are my friends now, where it's okay to be silent, where your not a freak if you don't want to get drunk, peel out in a parking lot.... even if it is dark'

It's a really good book and worth a read.

An eye opener to what really goes on behind closed doors in this world of ours.

My Sincere Apologies

Some of you may be wondering why I have not written for a while.........

Well a few reasons:

  1. For some reason God feels I need to be ill all the time so I haven't been feeling great, was in bed 2 weeks ago for a week
  2. I was on holiday last week (and yes the post is to follow)
I'm back now so assuming I do not get ill again I will be blogging as per normal.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I Am Not A Piece Of Meat! Part 2

So where were we.....

Later that day I went to make a phone call upstairs and he followed me and we ended up having a bit of fun but then he just got up and went back downstairs after we were done. This wound me up even more.

Now remember I had mentioned earlier that the best friend had expressed and interest in me, well I had gone to lie down and must have fallen asleep for 2 hours, this best friend came to check on me to see if I was OK and although he was trying it on with me I wasn't having it, but we sat talking for 3 hours and he proceeded to tell me how he wanted more from me and how his friend isn't honest and he doesn't care etc.

Well I arranged to meet this best friend the weekend after and found out that original friend had lied to me as he had told me he was sick of girls walking all over him and hadn't had any in months when best friend told me he has 6 girls on the go and had a girl round the day before I arrived.

As you can imagine I was very very very angry so I sent him an abusive message which I am not going to repeat on here but he never replied to it!!

Later in the week this whole thing was still bugging me and after to talking to another good friend of these to who had explained best friend likes me and was more than likely exaggerating the whole situation so original friend wasn't in the picture anymore.

So I decided to call original friend and tell him why I was so annoyed, this went very well, he apologised to me and said that what was said is not true, he has 6 girls he talks to and yes a girl did stop but nothing happened. After about a 2 hour discussion which was very heart to heart we decided we would stay friends as we get on quite well.

After much though I also decided it would be best to also stay friends with Best friend too as otherwise it would just cause problems but this didn't go down too well.

He has taken it very personally even though he would disagree, you see he wanted more from me and I told him I didn't want more and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

He got drunk that night and started a conversation on facebook that went a little like this:

Him: (firstly he sent me a sentence that was jumbled so i didn't understand it)

Me: what are you talking about, that doesn't make sense

Him: I don't care what keys i hit, work it out for yourself

(so after looking at it for a while i worked out it may have said) Don't think your getting any booty calls tonight

Me: I'm not getting any booty calls tonight, what?

Him: If you think I wanted you for more than easy sex than you are sadly mistaken, I am just like original friend but more respectful

Then My chat cut off so I test him and said:

'I'm going to ignore you as you seem drunk but if you are like that then you wouldn't care or wouldn't be bothered, I just want to be mates with both of you. Just think about it.'

Next day I get an apology message and that he's happy with mates, its all nicey nicey but every so often he gives me a sarcastic comment and today well here's a facebook chat:






how are youuuuu


Rite u


ok still cant speak very well

drivin me nuts


Oh well lease it giv others a chance 2 speek


ok lol, wots up with u, not very nice today are u!


Had nuff bin nice dnt get u no where so wots the diff if I'm mean or nice


errrr well i dont tend to be mates with ppl who arnt v nice

so if thats how u wanna play it then c ya


Ta ra

So at the moment I am friends with the one and not the other and I know you think I am silly been friends with original friend but I get on with him, it's just no point in been his friend with benefits.

Would you have done the same?

Saturday, 11 September 2010


  • Got myself a part time job (left my Full time job now as I'm now a Full time student)
  • Made up with a friend who I'd had an argument with
  • My cousin is pregnant and I'm so happy for her
  • Holiday is one week today
  • Popcorn
  • Wearing my Ugg boots again
  • Being a Student
  • Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

I Am Not A Piece Of Meat!

Recently I acquired a new 'friend with benefits' who happened to be a long lost friend from when i was a wee child but moved from the area but I was not impressed at the way I was treated the other weekend and I would like your views on weather I did the wrong thing expressing my opinion.

Basically he had asked if we could have some fun, which I advised 'yes' and so asked me to go round on the Saturday and said:

' I want to wake up with you Sunday morning and have some fun then too' , sounds good in theory but the real life story was very different.

I get there Saturday evening and he seemed very distant and his Friend was there who I had been texting earlier in the week and he had expressed and interest in me but I felt guilty about this anyway, we eventually go upstairs to which once we have had a bit playtime he gets up and goes back downstairs, I let this slide, his other friend then comes round so I go downstairs and relax for a bit before going back to bed with him, but nothing more happens.

Morning arrives and he's just not waking up, dead to the world so I wander downstairs and have some breakfast, coco pops yum and watch TV, after a few hours I wander back upstairs and wake him up, he says he needs a shower so I lie in bed patiently waiting for him.

He comes out the shower and I question him

'So what happened to our morning session?'

'Well I'm sorry to disappoint you'

'why are you going to disappoint me'

'Well I feel really tired and not the best and I'm just not in the mood but I can get one of the others to come and do you instead'

Yes that's right he said 'do you' , I was livid that someone had just suggested that like I was some kind of prostitute, I mean how dare he 'I'm not a piece of meat'

He carried on to basically ignore me all day, be quite ignorant and then when my friend came round later that evening he was trying to crack onto her in front of me.

Now I know all of you are more than likely thinking, what an idiot but the story doesn't end there........

please wait for part 2 and you can all give me your opinion :)

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Haven't posted one of these for a while so I thought I better had:

Below is a recent facebook status of a friend of mine which I thought was a classic comedy moment read on:

M B Walking up my road towards my house and a black car the same as my moms drives past, there was a blond woman driving which just so happens to be the same as my mom! She drives past stops a little ahead and beeps the horn! Sweet a lift home! FAIL opened the door and witnessed a very scared looking young girl.

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August 25 at 3:31pm via Facebook for iPhone · ·
  • You and 8 others like this.

    • R C ha ha ha that has actually made me laugh out loud!!
      August 25 at 3:36pm · ·

    • C D Bet u will be on the news tonight!! CARJACKER!!!!
      August 25 at 3:43pm ·

    • M B These things always happen to me !
      August 25 at 4:17pm ·

    • A P Did you give her any sweets to coax her? That usually works. Best story!
      August 25 at 4:23pm ·

    • S S that is fricking hilarious! Oh to have been there to see that one - priceless!
      August 25 at 5:30pm ·

    • M M OMLG Matt I belly laughed at this - classic!
      August 25 at 7:55pm ·

    • K N Lol Matt how funny, I can just imagine that now lol
      August 27 at 1:20am ·

Which brings me to a similar story of my own.

After a long hard day at work I asked my work collegue if he would like a lift home.
So we wander down the where I've parked and i press the button on my key to open the car only the door isn't opening, I try the key in the door thinking maybe the centrel locking wasn't working but no the key wasn't opening either, there was me wondering the worst and been totally not logical, in my head I was like 'right need a locksmith out now great'.
My collegue said' are you sure it's your car?'

'of course it's my car I think I would know'

'ok' he says

So there we are standing around wondering why my key won't open the car door, when I look down and something seems different, then I realise the alloy wheels look different, I go round to the front of the car to realise the reg is completley different, now I feel like an absoloute pratt and would quite liuike the ground to swollow me up, I turn around look across the road to see my car staring at me blue in the face and my collegue wetting his pants! The only thing that made it better was the owner of the car i was trying to break into wasn't around!

It had been a long day and the car was the same make, model and colour so give me a break people!

Xmas Big Bang

I just can't get enough of Sheldon lately and The Big Bang Theory so had to share this funny clip with you all :)

This is such a great sitcom, it gives Geeks a good name and makes you realise there's more to science experiments than Bunsen Burners and testing tubes and even though Penny is your typical Blonde at times, she even gets a bit Geeky at one stage when she get's addicted to a computer game Sheldon is playing.
There is a Character to suit everyone and that everyone can relate to I'm sure, and if you havn't seen any of it yet, you must watch at least one episode.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My First Blog Awards (blog Reviews)

I cannot believe I have had 2 this week, I am so thrilled.

Thank you so much to:


Please check both their blogs out.

So I need to give some awards out now and I don't know if I'm doing this right so please bear with me.

Firstly I was awarded the versatile blogger from Living Like Laree.
In order to carry on this award I must also award it to 7 other blogs after giving you seven facts about me you never knew.

The 7 Facts:

  1. I am a little materialistic, love designer clothes, shoes, handbags you name it I got it
  2. Travelling is amazing although I can't afford to go where I want, someday I shall travel all around the world and write a book on it
  3. My Timekeeping is terrible, if you want me to be on time tell me an hour before I am meant to be there. I think I have the late gene inherited from my father.
  4. I like the smell of fuel, don't know why I just do.
  5. I have size 6 feet which is pretty big for a little girl like me
  6. I love listening to old peoples stories and anything about social history
  7. I am part French but unsure how much and I don't think I look French, I was once told I look like I'm from Eastern Europe so who knows!
The 7 Blogs I am going to award The Versatile Blogger goes to:

For the second award 'A Blog With substance' I need to sum my blog philosophy, motivation and experience in five words and then Award this to 10 other blogs.

The Five words are:


The 10 Blogs are:

Also I would like to apologise for my absence lately, I haven't been too well but I'm back on form now.


This Weeks happy thoughts are:

  • 2 Blog Awards (i can't believe it, am so chuffed)
  • Having an amazing summer (thanks to everyone who was a part of it)
  • Turtles (I want one)
  • Sad but happy it's my last day at work on Friday (I will miss everyone but I am going onto more exciting things with my life)
  • My bed and sleep (you can't beat sleep in your own bed)