Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I Am Not A Piece Of Meat! Part 2

So where were we.....

Later that day I went to make a phone call upstairs and he followed me and we ended up having a bit of fun but then he just got up and went back downstairs after we were done. This wound me up even more.

Now remember I had mentioned earlier that the best friend had expressed and interest in me, well I had gone to lie down and must have fallen asleep for 2 hours, this best friend came to check on me to see if I was OK and although he was trying it on with me I wasn't having it, but we sat talking for 3 hours and he proceeded to tell me how he wanted more from me and how his friend isn't honest and he doesn't care etc.

Well I arranged to meet this best friend the weekend after and found out that original friend had lied to me as he had told me he was sick of girls walking all over him and hadn't had any in months when best friend told me he has 6 girls on the go and had a girl round the day before I arrived.

As you can imagine I was very very very angry so I sent him an abusive message which I am not going to repeat on here but he never replied to it!!

Later in the week this whole thing was still bugging me and after to talking to another good friend of these to who had explained best friend likes me and was more than likely exaggerating the whole situation so original friend wasn't in the picture anymore.

So I decided to call original friend and tell him why I was so annoyed, this went very well, he apologised to me and said that what was said is not true, he has 6 girls he talks to and yes a girl did stop but nothing happened. After about a 2 hour discussion which was very heart to heart we decided we would stay friends as we get on quite well.

After much though I also decided it would be best to also stay friends with Best friend too as otherwise it would just cause problems but this didn't go down too well.

He has taken it very personally even though he would disagree, you see he wanted more from me and I told him I didn't want more and didn't want to hurt his feelings.

He got drunk that night and started a conversation on facebook that went a little like this:

Him: (firstly he sent me a sentence that was jumbled so i didn't understand it)

Me: what are you talking about, that doesn't make sense

Him: I don't care what keys i hit, work it out for yourself

(so after looking at it for a while i worked out it may have said) Don't think your getting any booty calls tonight

Me: I'm not getting any booty calls tonight, what?

Him: If you think I wanted you for more than easy sex than you are sadly mistaken, I am just like original friend but more respectful

Then My chat cut off so I test him and said:

'I'm going to ignore you as you seem drunk but if you are like that then you wouldn't care or wouldn't be bothered, I just want to be mates with both of you. Just think about it.'

Next day I get an apology message and that he's happy with mates, its all nicey nicey but every so often he gives me a sarcastic comment and today well here's a facebook chat:






how are youuuuu


Rite u


ok still cant speak very well

drivin me nuts


Oh well lease it giv others a chance 2 speek


ok lol, wots up with u, not very nice today are u!


Had nuff bin nice dnt get u no where so wots the diff if I'm mean or nice


errrr well i dont tend to be mates with ppl who arnt v nice

so if thats how u wanna play it then c ya


Ta ra

So at the moment I am friends with the one and not the other and I know you think I am silly been friends with original friend but I get on with him, it's just no point in been his friend with benefits.

Would you have done the same?


  1. Princess, I am sorry but I would not have done the same-perhaps if I was actually in the situation or your brain-as I do not know much about either of them, but for some reason I get the feeling that you should have trusted friends friends. I just get the feeling he was telling the truth about your original friend, and after the way your original friend treated you-I would have kicked him to the curb-but it is easier said then done so I understand.

  2. Ugh I have a bad feeling about both of these guys. They don't sound respectful. You gotta play the game too princess and always be the winner. Don't let anyone walk all over you or treat you like an easy booty call! I'm sure you know what you're doing though and if not you'll learn. I just know it!

    Stay sexy and sassy!

  3. hey princess beks,

    as the same with queen and jojo.. ughhh.. those two guys confuse me.

    just as you would know.. if that were me.. i wouldnt even risk in investing any emotion for the moment and just focus on being narcistic. as long as i get what i want. i dont want to understand the meaning behind anything they do or say.

    hope that makes sense...

  4. It's probably best to cross them BOTH off your list and move-on. Neither of them sounds very respectful and both of them seem to be into games and drama. You deserve far better!

    xo The Empress


  5. Awww hun I'm sorry to hear that :(


  6. Dear Princess,

    Both of them sound like risky people. :( I agree with JoJo- they don't sound respectful at all.


  7. thanks very much for all your comments! I have decided to stay friends with both of them but thats it.



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