Monday, 27 September 2010

Adventures in the sun part uno

Firstly if you want to go on holiday and party all day and night and you have no money one word:


My friend and I managed to have a good time for five euros one night but more about that later.
Magaluf is situated on the Balearic island of Majorca or as the Spanish spell it Mallorca.
Majorca as a whole has picturesque scenery, made up of mountains, windy roads , gorgeous beaches and in parts crystal clear waters, my friend and I could see shawls of fish swimming between our legs right by the shoreline.
Although Magaluf is known to attract the younger generation because of the party life, there is still much for the family to do by day, there are plenty of beach activities, not far down the road there are two great water parks which unfortunately I missed out on investigating.
Palma Nova which is situated just outside Magaluf caters for families mainly, it is quieter and away from the noise of the nightlife of Magaluf even though it's only a ten minute walkaway.
Magaluf by night is a different story, bright lights, young people, crazy drinking games, karaokes, dancing and lots of noise.

I spent 7 nights there and kept a diary of my time here as an insight for any young person who may want to go to Magaluf

Diary to follow soon..............

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