Saturday, 4 September 2010


Haven't posted one of these for a while so I thought I better had:

Below is a recent facebook status of a friend of mine which I thought was a classic comedy moment read on:

M B Walking up my road towards my house and a black car the same as my moms drives past, there was a blond woman driving which just so happens to be the same as my mom! She drives past stops a little ahead and beeps the horn! Sweet a lift home! FAIL opened the door and witnessed a very scared looking young girl.

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August 25 at 3:31pm via Facebook for iPhone · ·
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    • R C ha ha ha that has actually made me laugh out loud!!
      August 25 at 3:36pm · ·

    • C D Bet u will be on the news tonight!! CARJACKER!!!!
      August 25 at 3:43pm ·

    • M B These things always happen to me !
      August 25 at 4:17pm ·

    • A P Did you give her any sweets to coax her? That usually works. Best story!
      August 25 at 4:23pm ·

    • S S that is fricking hilarious! Oh to have been there to see that one - priceless!
      August 25 at 5:30pm ·

    • M M OMLG Matt I belly laughed at this - classic!
      August 25 at 7:55pm ·

    • K N Lol Matt how funny, I can just imagine that now lol
      August 27 at 1:20am ·

Which brings me to a similar story of my own.

After a long hard day at work I asked my work collegue if he would like a lift home.
So we wander down the where I've parked and i press the button on my key to open the car only the door isn't opening, I try the key in the door thinking maybe the centrel locking wasn't working but no the key wasn't opening either, there was me wondering the worst and been totally not logical, in my head I was like 'right need a locksmith out now great'.
My collegue said' are you sure it's your car?'

'of course it's my car I think I would know'

'ok' he says

So there we are standing around wondering why my key won't open the car door, when I look down and something seems different, then I realise the alloy wheels look different, I go round to the front of the car to realise the reg is completley different, now I feel like an absoloute pratt and would quite liuike the ground to swollow me up, I turn around look across the road to see my car staring at me blue in the face and my collegue wetting his pants! The only thing that made it better was the owner of the car i was trying to break into wasn't around!

It had been a long day and the car was the same make, model and colour so give me a break people!

Xmas Big Bang

I just can't get enough of Sheldon lately and The Big Bang Theory so had to share this funny clip with you all :)

This is such a great sitcom, it gives Geeks a good name and makes you realise there's more to science experiments than Bunsen Burners and testing tubes and even though Penny is your typical Blonde at times, she even gets a bit Geeky at one stage when she get's addicted to a computer game Sheldon is playing.
There is a Character to suit everyone and that everyone can relate to I'm sure, and if you havn't seen any of it yet, you must watch at least one episode.


  1. hahaha that getting in the car thing... hilarious. It's a classic, once when i didn't have contacts and i never used to wear my glasses i went up to the wrong guy and thought it was my boyfriend, luckily i realised before i could get too close haha it turned out to be a middle aged man!

  2. I was leaving Panera (an American sandwich and coffee chain) after a work-related meeting with my friend. I was at a yield sign when the lady behind me starts laying on her horn. She beeped at me like five times, and I was like, "What's up with this lady? She must be in a hurry!" So I see an opening and speed off... only to see my soda fly off the roof of my car and splat on the road. Uh, whoops, guess I left it up there by mistake.

  3. hahahaha :)

    that happened to me and my bestfriend too, only we were in the car and a bunch of kids suddenly opened the back seats, we were there at the back stunned and surprised who the hell would open our doors.

    we just laughed because they looked so startled to see us themselves.

    :) btw. im back princess!! thanks for visiting my bf's you can't imagine how happy he was he had a "followeR" hahaha

  4. Oh my gosh. So funny but embarrassing all at the same time.

  5. I had something kind of like that happen, I've been living in Japan for around 2 1/2 years and I've never made the mistake of driving down the wrong side of the road, well one day, not only did I drive down the wrong side of the road but I did it for two lights until I realized that things didn't look right....FML

  6. You know you absolutely made my day by putting Sheldon up here!


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