Saturday, 11 September 2010

I Am Not A Piece Of Meat!

Recently I acquired a new 'friend with benefits' who happened to be a long lost friend from when i was a wee child but moved from the area but I was not impressed at the way I was treated the other weekend and I would like your views on weather I did the wrong thing expressing my opinion.

Basically he had asked if we could have some fun, which I advised 'yes' and so asked me to go round on the Saturday and said:

' I want to wake up with you Sunday morning and have some fun then too' , sounds good in theory but the real life story was very different.

I get there Saturday evening and he seemed very distant and his Friend was there who I had been texting earlier in the week and he had expressed and interest in me but I felt guilty about this anyway, we eventually go upstairs to which once we have had a bit playtime he gets up and goes back downstairs, I let this slide, his other friend then comes round so I go downstairs and relax for a bit before going back to bed with him, but nothing more happens.

Morning arrives and he's just not waking up, dead to the world so I wander downstairs and have some breakfast, coco pops yum and watch TV, after a few hours I wander back upstairs and wake him up, he says he needs a shower so I lie in bed patiently waiting for him.

He comes out the shower and I question him

'So what happened to our morning session?'

'Well I'm sorry to disappoint you'

'why are you going to disappoint me'

'Well I feel really tired and not the best and I'm just not in the mood but I can get one of the others to come and do you instead'

Yes that's right he said 'do you' , I was livid that someone had just suggested that like I was some kind of prostitute, I mean how dare he 'I'm not a piece of meat'

He carried on to basically ignore me all day, be quite ignorant and then when my friend came round later that evening he was trying to crack onto her in front of me.

Now I know all of you are more than likely thinking, what an idiot but the story doesn't end there........

please wait for part 2 and you can all give me your opinion :)


  1. UGH whata right dick, pending for part two...

  2. Oooooh I'm itreged for part 2 ;)


  3. What a shite wanker! His behavior was beyond shocking. Toss him in the rubbish heap stat!

    xo The Empress

  4. I would have punched him in the crown jewels. He needs a good slap by the sound of things...

  5. OMG-what a effin idiot-here he has a princess in bed with him and he says that -WTF is wrong with him-I do not even need part two he is a effin loser and you need to get rid of him, but not in a good way you need to beat him at his own game-I recomend that next time he wants to play tell him you found a new friend and he makes your merry go round and round-morning and night!

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