Saturday, 9 October 2010

Thank you thank you your far too kind....

This is a very belated thank you to Laree @ Living like Laree for my third Blog Award to which she has redesigned the graphics of the award and I have to say I agree the new design is much better, it's modern, funky and BOLD and I love things that are Bold and stand out.

Anyhow please check out her blog too as she's good at expressing herself through all sorts of arts, I especially like this blog post of hers :

Very mesmerising video, I like things like this because they are different and unique, it's good to see what new effects people are coming up with.

Anyway I would like to give this Award to the following Blogs:

  • Melanie @ Oh such is life - This girl has the most random things on her blog but this is why I like it, you never know what she has in store next and they always make an interesting read
  • Rikashi Naidu @ Reflections Fade - She has a topic and gives her reflections on that topic, (hence the title) her latest post she debates which is better Harry Potter or Twilight? I really like this idea and may do something similar myself
  • Tiffany @ Stylish Chatterboxing - This girl talks about accessories like jewellery, scarves and bags. Good for advice and finding some hidden gems for yourself, she even created her own clutch bag out of old fashion magazines
  • Miss emy @ Stop Listen - I have only just started following this blog but I really enjoy how she has an opinion on everything and also isn't afraid to say if she thinks she's in the wrong. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Miss Werginz @ diary of a Newlywed - Such a cute blog about newly married life and she gave me the idea for the 10 day blogging adventure.
  • Ashley @ She who will be tamed - love this girl so open and honest
Most of the blogs above were found from the site 20SB (twenty something bloggers), very good site to get to know fellow blogs, make new friends, get ideas for your blog and express your opinion on others.


  1. Thank you for the blog award, PrincessBeks!!! I'm honored. :) :) Look forward to reading more from your blog!

  2. thank you for this awesome award! i'm glad somone thinks my randomness to be of excellence :)


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