Sunday, 3 October 2010

T-Dog's first marathon!!

Yesterday my lovely dog decided he'd like to take part in his own marathon.

I came back from shopping to find my Mum had kindly taken Toby to the stables so he could run about all day.

When she came back I went straight out and took him with me to my Grandmothers as I was visiting and staying the night and my Grandmother loves Toby.

Anyhow I thought it a little strange for him to fall straight asleep on the journey over, he normally gets excited but just put it down to he'd been running around all day.

Today I thanked my Mum for taking him as I hadn't had chance to thank her yet as I was in such a rush the day before, and when I said thank you my Mum and my brother proceeded to laugh.

Curious I asked what this was about and they said he had a good run yesterday that's for sure.

There were two people down the stables yesterday my Mum and my friend who has a horse there as well.

Apparently my Mum had gone to the loo and my friend had got in her car to go to the feed store to get some more horse feed which is about 3 miles away and up and down lots of country lanes.

When my friend reached the feed store and opened the car door, Toby jumped in all out of breath, he'd followed her the whole way as he thought he was been left as couldn't see my mum.

Goodness knows what passers by thought seeing a dog chasing after a car, I bet they were thinking:

'how lazy and cruel is she'

Poor thing, I'm surprised his little legs didn't drop off, he's still sleeping it off now but if there ever was a doggy Marathon I'm sure he'd win paws down.


  1. aw poor thing! i wonder why he chased her for so long

  2. Oh my goodness!! It's amazing how much energy a little dog can have.

  3. I have no idea where he gets the energy and he doesn't like been left so he will follow someone he knows just so he thinks he's safe. Bless him

  4. at least it wore his claws down!!


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