Saturday, 14 August 2010


I had to ask myself this after commenting on a post yesterday and advising honesty is the best policy!

I suppose it depends on the situation but then there are those people who have to be honest no matter what the circumstances are, like myself if i tell a lie even if it be a white lie it plays on my mind, it just stays there in my head like a bad smell and it won't go away that in the end i have to say something but then i find i try and make it sound better and find that this tends not to work as i just dig a bigger hole for myself.
For those people like myself i would say just be honest all the time if you can because it will just eat you up inside and you know that honesty will make you feel better in the end even if the times will be hard for a while but..........

the only time you should consider not telling the truth is if it's something you know that will hurt the persons feelings it's about however do not get this mixed up with something you've done and don't want to hurt the persons feelings.

For example:
Lets say you saw your best friends husband passionately kissing another woman, when you ask her how they are she says everything is fine, this is the situation where you have to think do i or do i not tell her. see with this you could opt to speak to the husband and give him the chance to come clean
if you are the husband i believe you should come clean, you've done the deed.

Some people would disagree like a friend of mine who did something pretty bad, confided in me but said she can put it to the back of her mind and forget about it although she felt a bit bad at the time.

I just feel if you lie, this turns into a bigger lie and then other people might get involved and you have to try and cover it up and i could go on all night like a rusty saw!

so is honesty the best policy well in most cases yes.

What is your opinion on this?


  1. Too often, I think "honest is the best policy" is a simple excuse for "I'm going to unload because I'm a horrible wench." Yes, being honesty is generally a good thing, but there is a line where it becomes cruel and unnecessary. It's fine to tell the person you've lost the spark in the relationship, and that's why you're breaking up. It becomes unnecessarily cruel when you add that their family is fucking nuts and you're upset that they gained 20 pounds and honestly, why are you wearing white after Labor Day anyway?

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love getting feed back...
    Anyways you are in a tough situation... If I do believe that honesty is the best policy but it's not you who needs to be honest it's him. If I were you I would confront him and tell him if he doesn't say something about it then you will. Chances are he will want her to hear it from him instead of her to save them both from even more embarrassment. I have also been in a situation like this where I had the opportunity to come clean about someone's bad decisions and I decided to stay out of it. Bad news was that they ended getting mad at me anyway because I knew something and didn't speak up about it. So now that your in the situation already I would give him a chance to speak up and if he doesn't I would approach the problem straight on.. Hope I helped a little bit.. Keep us all posted. Good luck!

  3. @ STEVE yea i agree there's no need to be TOTALLY honest ans be cruel unless you have got really really hurt and the other party did something unforgivable and then i think you can say what the hell you want.

    @Celeste no problem i love reading new blogs and leaving comments :)
    well the situation was just an example but i do agree you have to prompt the person to own up as i don't feel its your right to get involved. i think the reason they may have been mad at you as they wants someone to blame as they were in a bad place, if that makes sense.

  4. I'm exactly the same. I hate lies, and i feel guilty for days if i say even the smallest thing that isn't true. Honesty is always better, it might be harder at the time but in the long run it's for the best. I'm a totally awful lier, i physically can't do it, i figure that's a good thing. I don't see the point in lies it's too much hassle for my liking.
    Great post :)

  5. thanks alice x, you might as well get it over and done with as the longer you lie the worse it'll get.
    although i have to add with my ex... who was very jealous of me i used to leave information out as even if i did tell him up front it would cause a row and if he found out i'd just say well i didnt lie you didnt ask me but thats about the only time i used to lie but this was for the peace if you know what i mean.

  6. I know where you used this-MY BLOG-(blush), lol
    great follow up post, and as always I appreciate your advice-

  7. thanks Queen, this was not directed at you just for the record!! I was just thinking that's all.


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