Thursday, 12 August 2010

An influential young Woman.....

Eliza Doolittle!!!

The First time i heard the gorgeous singing voice of this cheeky lady i thought i was tuned into the wrong radio station her music is different to most modern singers that are on a young persons radio!

But that's why i liked it because it was different and i love listening to alternative music from time to time.

Her songs are soul and folk based but her voice reminds of a 1940's wartime singer. you know you here the voice and it's just so pleasant to listen too you could just drift away.

Anyway you may wonder the reason behind this post.

Well not only do i like her voice and music but after listening to an interview with on Radio one yesterday i just feel shes somewhat influential for me as a new artist because she has a 'don't care' attitude but not in a teenage type strop way but as in 'if i want to sing differently i will' and 'if i want to wear that i will' , she wore trainers on the red carpet because she said they felt comfortable, we should all take a leaf out of this young ladies book she definitely has the right outlook on life!! A laid back little lady.

Also the fact that she is determined to succeed, she decided from a young age she loved singing and said at age 12 she needed a job so would sing so she wrote her first song and performed it not long after.

The First song i heard was the one below which 'pack up' but she has a new one out called 'Rollerblades'

Let me know what you guy's think and if you have any think any young women are influential.


  1. That red dress is ovah! :) Meaning. It's awesome. And of course you can use my drawings. Just pimp me out! :)

  2. Loves it! Thanks I am always looking for good new music.

  3. I am in love with voices that sound like 40s wartime singing. I will definitely be checking her out!

  4. i'm glad you all like her, i think shes great!


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