Sunday, 15 August 2010

Party Girl becomes Hibernating Hamster :(

Yes thats right this party animal was due for her usual Thursday - Sunday all night partying shanigans no sleep etc etc etc which turned into hideaway hamster hibernation in the comforts of a duvet, tea and TV.......

Can't really explain how I feel, I dont feel ill I just feel Strange

On Tuesday I started feeling sick everyday after work

Thursday I started to feel faint every so often whilst I was at work and worse when i got back

Friday I felt faint constantly

Saturday I started getting Headaches with them

so by the time Sunday came i realised i hadnt even left the house all weekend.

Took the dog a walk this afternoon to see if i could get my spirit back, I feel a little better but not fully!

I hate staying in and feeling all weird I am not a hibernator

In my head I am shouting very loudly:


I have hardly spoken to any one all weekend and that is not me, I normally don't shut up!

My friend and I decided it could be due to the office idiot we call 'GAY BOY' he's not ga

y but he just takes everything way to seriously and he's way to easy to wind up at everyone else's expense, you see he was ill and decided to cough and fan his cough around the office...... how very mature of you gay boy!! i was not aware of this until my friend told me.

Oh if your wondering why there is a picture of karl Pilkington it's because we think gay boy looks like him and this really winds him up something rotton.

Anyhow my friend I got a little evil at our illness' shes ill too now and had the following conversation on Facebook:

My friend:

so wen he gets back im gonna wak the fan across his head LOL

and i hope he has a rubbish holiday

looses all his money

his mates desert him

and i hope he falls in a ditch and sleeps there



and gets really bad sunburn that makes him sick with the pain and he cant find any painkillers, then in the ditch someone steals his clothes

man we are making a good story lol


LOL yessssssssssss

that sounds great!!!

i hope someone robs his hotel room

of all his clothes and possesions!

and then cries like the whole holiday

i dont want him 2 loose his passport tho bcus that means he will get more time away from work and in the sun lol

we are evil >:)



yea so he has to come home in his dirty underpants smelling very bad



yepppppp that sounds about right

oh i do feel sorry for the people who sits next to him on the plane ha


i know they'll need to drop the oxygen masks as they wont be able to breath



good one !!

and then i hope the company goes bust who he has booked ibiza with next month

so then he cant go hahahaha

I think we got a bit carried away but I am thinking there are a few people who are ill after he wafted that fan and so we felt the need to be slightly evil.... however we would not wish any of this to really happen!


Maybe I'm too much of a party animal and this is the big guy up above saying 'girl you need to slow the hell down'

Well whatever it is i want it to go away, I've missed out on valuable partying this weekend:

Thursday i wasn't able to attend Girly Thursday at our new Thursday Night Digs

Friday - I missed out on a date with a mate (yes male) that i Haven't seen for months

Saturday- My Friends Birthday party BBQ

Not only have missed out on the fun but potential new friends and lovers, every second counts girls, am so angry with my body.

So i am saying to myself get better soon and i hope you all had a better weekend than me :)


  1. Aww, I'm sorry about your weekend! Mine hasn't been great either -- I've been sick the entire time!

    I'm visiting from Mingle Monday @ [Life of Meg]! Your blog is so cute & oh so lovely in pink!

    Army Wife. European Life. Two Adopted Danes.
    * *

  2. Thanks for dropping by the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday! SO happy to have you! :)

    Happy Monday!!

  3. Here's hoping you get to feeling better very soon!

  4. I think its a bit of everything I feel like this sometimes too,u r not preggers r u?? I think its the heat-and partying!

  5. Thanks everyone for you get well messages and Queen no i'm not preggers!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog from Mingle Monday. You should definitly read The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes. It is really good, and such a quick read. Plus, you can join in the book club at any time if you are intersted.

  7. Hope you are feeling better Princess. What a wanker your co-worker is. I once worked with someone who let their snot-nosed child run rampant in our office near the end of the day. The kid was obsessed with the water cooler and liked to stick her mouth on the water nozzle and drink straight from it. I ended up catching her snotty cooties and got extremely ill. Totally good times, not! ...Love the roo photo!
    -The Empress

  8. @ jen I will read it and will let you know my thoughts when I do. And thanks nice to know I can be part of the book club too

    @ the empress - that comment made me laugh i shared it with my friend who I had the facebook convo with she also found it amusing. gayboy is now back after a week off and he is still coughing around the office grrrr


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