Thursday, 26 August 2010


I always have to ask my self why did i buy this cute little puppy dog, well because of just that hes a cute little puppy dog.

I wanted a dog as i'd recently split up with someone and wanted some company and I had missed having a dog since our Shiva passed away 6 years ago.

I fell in love with him as soon as i saw him, you wouldn't think butter would melt in his mouth.

Well how wrong i was he should of come with label attached to him saying:

Cute Puppy Dog face = Total desruction of home

The first week we brought him home we left him on his own for 15 mins and he howled the place down so when i went to work we had to take him to mums but he still had to be left on his own at certain times of the day and this is when we found out the full extent of his destructive behaviour.

I came back one afternoon to find he had managed to pull all the pots and pans out the kitchen cupboard and across the floor but it gets better.......

A few weeks later he had managed to pull the oven door open, pull something off the worksurface and it smashed the oven door which cost me quite a bit to replace, that day he also decided to break some kitchen tiles and pull the dile off the washingmachine and put it in the machine it'self.

I'm thinking maybe he was trying to be helpful and get the tea and washing done before we got home, we've got to think positive here.

So we decided he'd have to have a crate as it would be safer for him.

We think he is actually houdini come back as a dog!!

He managed to escape out the cage so many times.

I once came back after hed been left for 2 hours in his cage to find hed escaped and ransacked my room, it looked liked someone had burgled the place.

  • The TV was on the floor

  • The hairdryer and various items of clothing were in the cage

  • Carpet was up

  • Rubbish all over the floor

  • Chewed through my phone charger

  • Ripped a hole in my bed sheet

  • One of designer jackets was in shreds

I reguarly hear my mum shout 'that god dam dog' and 'how can one small dog cause so much destruction'

The day my brother came back to find him sitting on the kicthen window sill having torn all the curtains down and knocked pictures and broken ornament was the day my mother went crazy, 'that dog has got to go' she said. He's still with us though.

He's also done some pretty silly things like going helt for leather towards some glass doors not realising they were shut and knocking himself out.

His latest trick is emptying the contents of the lounge bin across the garden.

But if you put all this aside I love him very much, he is so adorable and all he wants is to be loved he never leaves my side and i look forward to seeing his little face when I get home.


  1. Dogs are bad and all but man they are just so cute and irresistible, I'm so jealous you have a dog!

  2. well isn't he a little rascal, but a cute one nonetheless!!

  3. Yup they can be so cute and bad at the same time- my puppy was so bad he would literally chew our walls if we left him home alone- so in order to teach him this was bad I had to tell him no when he chewed walls and yes when he chewed his toy.

    The first couple of times I tried this-I would say bring me your toy and he would run to go get it, 2 seconds later he would run back with a big hunk of wall in his mouth... no bad dog lol takes about a year for them to calm down I find... oh the stories I could go on and on- as I see you could as well lol

  4. hes so cute! we all make mistakes...he is just very consistent with his haha!

  5. TV on the floor?? OMG!! LMAO! I'm not a big fan of pets but your dog is so cute!!! :)

  6. He's the cutest! I gave you a blog award...


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