Monday, 9 August 2010

This weeks Funny Chuckles!!

So I thought i'd share some more funnies with you again!

I just thought you may all enjoy the pictures below!
So was this the class for 'the dog who looks most like it's owner'

And i love kitty 'ok it was me i did it, i stole the fish from the fridge and then put the empty packet in the dogs basket'


I was reading an article in the telegraph which explained that although sat nav's help us tremendousley sometimes people just take them too seriousley and dont use their common sense. i.e if it takes you down a road that says no entry why would you drive down it or road closed due to mud slide!! you cant really answer 'well the sat nav told me to come down here and the sat nav is never wrong'

But the best example was about a family looking for some waterfalls in Wales, the postcode to the falls shares the same postcode as a cul- de- sac nearby and apparantly the particular family in question pulled up on someones drive knocked on the door and asked if it was the entrance to the falls! Classic, i dont know how i'd react if someone said that to me, i think i would have to ask if they were been serious.

Well this made an interesting read. There i was just browsing through the local metro and came across this article on a load of loons going on a rollercoaster naked! i mean theres feeling free and all but that is taking it a bit too far don't you think? Whatever suits and what would your mothers say, although some of them could of been your mother and father!! i don't think i'd want some old mans wadger wanging in my face as we go down the big dip!! Not sure about you people?


  1. haha this is great :) and yeah this is all just one big learning experience for me too! which is why I love comments :D

  2. Glad you like this one!! well we all have to make mistakes so we can learn i guess!! loving your blog too :)

  3. hahah can you spot the dog? that's priceless :)


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