Sunday, 15 August 2010

Funny Chuckles, Rants and Happy Thoughts

yes this post has a new name because........

After having a discussion on 20SB about a series post, there were so many good ideas and i couldn't do all of them so i thought i would put these three in one post for every week.

Every one is entitled to get anything off their chest or share their happy thought too or just comment on the Funny Chuckles.


I've already pimped her out once this week but she's ace so I'm going to pimp her out again. Yes you've guessed it Annah @ Red Means Go .
Annah has created a shop with all her designs on objects like mugs, ties, bags.

They have a very fresh, new funky feel and would make an ideal comical present for birthdays, fathers days, even get well soon presents and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

Her address is at the bottom by the comments

Me and my un-common sense

You will hear more about my no common sense brain but i remembered this story last night and thought it would make you all laugh.

Last year i had my own apartment and for Christmas my lovely father decided to buy me a slow cooker as to save me cooking food when i got home from work.

Lovely thought Dad but i still have to prepare the food in the morning which means getting up earlier but anyway...

I decided to try this slow cooker out, so prepared all the food in the morning put it the slow cooker to be ready when i got back from work to find i hadn't switched it on but....

The story doesn't end there oh no there more of my brainless anticts to come

As it was a Friday night i decided I'd switch it on and as its suppose to cook for 6 hours I'd just eat at 11pm and have a snack for now only

Silly me fell asleep..... Whoops and forgot all about it

The next morning my housemate woke up to a smoke filled apartment and the insides of the slow cooker looking like something you'd find after an explosion, thankfully there was no fire but of all the silly things only i could do that.


I felt so sorry for this little chap, he had his head stuck in a glass jar for 10 days and wasn't able to eat or drink.

Had nobody found him, he would have died... poor thing

I am an animal lover so anything like this make me sad :(


This section is to get anything off my chest that has annoyed me this week and likewise if any of you want to please do in this post on comments.

  • Like a guy in an old banger of a car that overtook a sports car on the wrong side of the road! Why?? because he thought it was cool and it was his get away car! maybe he was wearing car goggles like beer goggles only when your in a rubbish car you think your in a racing car Kapesh?

  • The Fact i have been ill this week and haven't been able to do the things i have wanted yo do, makes me very grouchy!


After a negative you should always have a positive

so here are the things that have made me happy this week, please share your too:

  • Going back to the gym

  • Finding out about a PR placement

  • The colour pink

  • Eating a wagon Wheel

  • Finally selling the dog cage (now there is less clutter in the garage)

  • The device below is amazing and if you have a tape player in your car and have an ipod then please get one its genius

I have a tape player in my car but as i have an Ipod and don't use Cd's that much anymore i didn't see the point in buying a CD player just so i can play an Ipod from it do i bought a radio transmitter instead and this worked just about, it used jump stations , there was a lot of interference and the ipod managed to pause it's self all the time.
The other i managed find the awesome device where its a tape, you put in the tape player the lead goes into your ipod and it plays in your car, no interference, no pausing, its just so great and I'm very happy.


  1. its always he little things that make us happy, tunes int he car is always a must, you genius!

  2. That hat and birthday card are hilarious!

    You have touched on one of my pet peevs lads who think they are so cool in their beat up old fiesta, racing round the roads like Lewis Hamilton. Get a grip dudes, no one thinks your cool, they think your stupid.

    Great variety post

  3. @ queen - i love it's awesome

    @ Alice X all of Annahs ideas are pure hilarious, and how funny because i think the car was a beat up olf fieasta!!


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