Thursday, 5 August 2010

Burning the Candle at both ends!!

So i thought i'd share a few stories from my holiday........

Ok so to start the night before i went away i went to a houseparty and i cannot believe what i saw. Everyone was having fun and then out of no where one of the guys decides to drop his trousers to reveal he was wearing a thong with a heart and a sock attached to it and proceeded to parade around the room pushing his crotch in everyones face shouting 'boom, boom', did he seriously think he was funny? some people i cant get over!!
the thong was like this but with a heart!!!!
so crude

Now i was expecting a relaxing holiday with my mother, staying with my Aunt but no no no, very different story, my cousin who had never met was staying also with my Aunt and my god was she a crazy party animal!!

yes thats right going out partying at 12-1am and getting back at 10am in the morning! the one night after going out we went to a nudist beach at 6am and there was only 4 of us on the beach and a man decides to walk his dog across the beach, the dog bounded over to us and i moved but my cousin hadn't realized and she opened her eyes to find a dogs head in her face, i've never seen someone run so fast nude!!!

The first night we went out i met a Spanish guy called Pablo who could speak English as stupidly i have not learnt any Spanish yet and my Aunt and cousin are Spanish and live in a non tourist area of Alicante!! How silly of me. Anyway we were having a good time and he said hed like to see me again before the holiday ended. well the last night i was there my cousin and I decided to meet up with im and his brother he came to pick us up in his BMW convertable well i say pick us up more like save us from the group of old, drunk, spanish men who proceeded to sit at our table with an invite!! maybe for some reason our faces read 'yes please sit next to us because we really want to talk rubbish to mingin old men'
Anyway after we sped away in Pablo's getaway car we arrived at a lovely little bar in san jaun. everything was fine until he decided he loved me and didnt want me to go! i said i wanted to go home so he took me and my cousin home and speeding along the roads after drinking and blasted a Black eyed Peas song out about loving someone, aimed at me!! Then the next day he FB'd me saying i had played him..... really. i'm sorry but you meet me once and your suddenly in love with me and you wonder why i run away! so yes i have played you i'm so sorry!

Oh yes and you are going to laugh at my utter blondness now, in spanish same as french they have female and male words and for some unknown reason I thought if you were female you weren't allowed to say male words and vice versa. I tell you my mother, aunt and cousin could not stop laughing at my complete thickness. My response was 'that makes things less confusing now'.

The flight back I was sat next to a father and his son who annoyed me as he constantly scolded the air hostess's for everything and anything possible and then would look at me as if I should agree with him. like the size of the toilets for example, yea because they are going to make massive toilets just because your overweight and cant fit in them!

so anyone else like to share their funny holiday stories?


  1. That young lady on the right side, as I view it, in the third photo is absolutely gorgeous.!

  2. Wow! You certainly enjoyed some major adventures on your holiday. The thong incident was funny although I imgaine the bloke involved was in serious need of attention! ... Spanish dude was the one who was really the player. Professing his love to a stranger the first night can only end in one of two ways - you fleeing or him 'coming and going' after he got his jollies. You are a smart cookie PrincessBeks!
    xo - The Empress

  3. You are SO pretty :) Love the pictures. We have to go Alicante one of these days together! :) I have a close relative who has a lovely place there. Your cousin has an uh-mazing tan! My goodness I'm jealous.

    Also, Spanish guys are the biggest shit talkers on the planet. They all "love" you but then they're spitting the same venom at every other girl they meet. Not sure if they're worse than the Italians. lol. But, they're gorgeous so at least they have that.

  4. I agree with the others - You look great in the photos! Although, I will say that the heels in the third picture look pretty intense. In general, I'm not much of a heels guy, since I'm shorter (5'9") and I worry about them squishing my feet.

    Pablo sounds like a smooth operator. A BMW convertible, seriously? Fluent in English? I don't trust the dude, especially since he was all like, "Ohmygod I love you!" Any guy who does that after meeting you twice is either a stalker creep or a player who just wants to hit it and quit it. (That's a Miss Manners term, by the way.)

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments about my photos :)

    @ rantersbox - yea thong guy got alot worse later in the night, definate need of attention that i wouldn't give him, although he has only Profusely apologised since!! and pablo i think was after a come and go which i wasn't going to give!! he made me vom

    @ Annah - thanks so much for your comment but i think your a very pretty ladt too :) My cousin is full spanish thats why she has an awesome tan.
    And yes we should meet up in alicante, my mother and i go every year and stop with my aunt.
    and i have come to learn alot about spansih guys in a few days and various conversations from my cousin!

    @ steve G - you know the past few guys i have dated have been that height so i have been taller with heels on but i dont really mind! i live in my heels though could'nt give them up and pablo was def a smooth operator but i was taken in by it at all!!


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