Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Festival fun in the sun :)

so after holiday, well actually i came back 3 days early from holiday to experience my first festival and my god was it amazing, i loved it so much like its up there with the best of everything in my life like my 21st birthday and the day i bought my first pony. it has to be one of the best weekends in my life ever. It rocked

But anyway i thought i'd share my experience with you all!

Well to start with my friend had said to me please call me as soon as you land back in the UK as i need to tell you the plans for the next day. so i land at like 12am for her to tell me that i need to drive my car as there's not enough room in the car we were meant to be going in but guess what my car has a flat tyre and the nut ratchet had rounded off so i wasn't able to get the nuts off to change it for the spare.

However all was not lost..... or so i thought, because 2 of the lads coming said they'd come out at 1:30am (bear in mind we had to be up at 8am) to see if they could help, well they tried everything possible to get those nuts off even tried ringing a few people to see if they could help ... bless them but no it just wasn't going to happen, so there's me thinking great start, this is going to be an awesome weekend.

Anyhow i managed to convince them that we'd get everything in their car even if we have to pile it on top of us.

so off i go to bed at 2:30am to be up at 8am to leave for 9-9:30am. All going well until guess what men been men.... were late by 90 minutes!! So typical to moan at us saying you best be ready, don't want you take ages because you've gotta to stick your make up on and then they are late anyway, one rule for one..... you know what i'm on about right girls?

Car journey wasn't too bad, parked up on arrival and waited for an hour to get in. £7 for a program just because it had metal binders and a strap that went round your neck with a clip that you could pull off someones neck if you wanted too, ooooo very technical, waste of money but the boys had to have one but i asked if i could look at the program and managed to break it...whoops, they weren't best happy!!

Then we were inside the festival and i saw these pink boots that i just had to buy as i was wearing a pink top and black shorts, so i purchased and i have to say i looked quite the little raver... well what do you think

please click the link below as the video is hilarious, i think selective hearing came to mind on my part!!

i also include a video of Armin Van Burren now this has a funny story as one of the lads decided we should go see his set. so four of us went and i have to say it was a dam good set but do you think he could shut up about it all weekend OH NO!!!

'armin van burren is the man'

'armin van burren was amazing'

'it's all about armin van burren'

'armin van burren is the only reason i came, i'm off home now'

these were just a few of a whole list we had to listen to all weekend so then everything became armin van something and to this day there are certain objects and words that i will not be able to say without including the libe armin van within the sentance they are included in.

so as i've heard the toilets were discusting and we were desprate so we took our loo roll and deciding it was actually better to pee in the field by the carpark as no one can see you and it's not such a mess. but my friend was like:

F -'i cant do it'

me 'do what'

F - 'i cant go'

me - 'go where'

F -'well nothings happening, i'm under pressure'

me -' for the love of god, if you need to go just go'

F ' ok i'm gunna try'

15 minutes later......

me -' you gone yet'

F-'nah still trying'

And yes i got my festival fun with someone in a tent, that didn't go a miss!! It was totally worth it.

I also managed to throw a wasp that i thought was dead and was going to throw out the window whilst we were in the car just at someone's head in the car because it moved when i picked it up!!

i managed to survive on 5 hours sleep the whole weekend!! But It is the best Weekend i have had in a long long time so i don't care, fun in underated... is that a word?

And the picture below is Ace!!

Anyone else like to share their festival stories?

i also apologize about the links to the videos, it would not let me upload them on here.


  1. OMG looks like you had a blast, and you look totally hot in those boots. That green man totally stole our Vancouver Canucks guys idea, if you have not seen it, youtube them they were famous! Looks like you had an amazing time, much deserved, and WTF you bought a pony, I want one so badly!

  2. I did it has to be the best weekend ever right now!! so many funny stories!! i can't remember them all!
    have just you tubed that vancouver canucks guys, its soooo funny, was laughing out loud in the office lol!
    and i've been riding since i was 7 and had my first pony when i was 11 years old, i will never forget him but the first pony i bought myself with my own money is called peter, hes such a character but due to the fact i am going to uni i am unable to keep him anymore as can't afford him so hes gone out on loan to someone but hes still mine technicly and i can see him whenever i want :)

  3. I LOVE FESTIVALS! anything outdoors with blazing music has gotta be fun.your weekend looks like it was amazing! http://livinglikelaree.blogspot.com/2010/08/bw-camping-festival-1011-im-sooo.html
    check this video, this year will be my third time


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