Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sleep by Ex

Well there I was trying to get yet another night sleep unsuccessfully and listening to the rain hammering downon the window which is meant to be quite relaxing.... well it was but I still couldn’t get to sleep.

I always wonder why I am tired all day, say to myself I’m going to go to bed early and can't wait to leave work, then when I get to into bed I don’t feel tired and just lie there thinking about everything and this frustrates me a lot!! If anyone has any tips on how to get to sleep please will you let me know and counting sheep is not acceptable.

Anyway I thought I’d cure my sleeplessness by browsing facebook for a bit, opened this up to find a name in the chat box I hadn’t spoken to in over a year, I was a little reluctant to speak to him but kind of curious at the same time you see he was the ex boyfriend who I hadn't seen or spoken to since we split up, was I going to open a can of worms here? I mean I know I couldn’t sleep but did I really want to argue if he brought up old issues I mean we didn’t exactly part on good terms really, was this good idea I thought.
What can I loose if he doesn't reply I said to myself to me then well we won’t bother with him again?

'Hello?' I said, reply : 'hey'

The conversation was a little awkward and it seemed he didn't really want to engage conversation, I can't imagine what this would of been like face to face but at least he spoke to me right?
There’s one thing he did do however I seemed to be able to sleep after speaking to him, so maybe that’s what I need to do in future talk to ex boyfriends and past flames for an easier nights sleep


  1. I guess that's one solution, although you may not have enough exes to do that every night! I just cut out the caffeine and try to go to bed at the same time every night. I also love my winding down routine, which is to wash my face, brush my teeth and all that, and then read in bed for about 30 minutes before lights-out. Soothes and calms me. If I'm online, and then try to go right to bed, I lie there for hours unable to sleep. The stimulation of the computer is too much for our brains to comfortably get to sleep after.

  2. well yes i have just thought its prob not the best solution to my sleeping trouble. Good thing i dont drink caffeine that often. Reading a book before bedtime, going to start doing that again and see if that works, shall keep you updated.

  3. I find reading puts me right to sleep, perhaps that's why facebook worked for you. Yoga and meditation work too. Thanks for the advice on my blog today and thanks for stopping by- I am going to follow you now-

  4. thanks :), good advice from you too. xx

  5. hahaha :)

    when Im bored I talk to my ex.

    try to feel im so enthusiastic to talk to him but really.. i dont care if they think i still have a thing for them. im desperate to talk to someone and bored. hihi


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