Monday, 19 July 2010

Attraction or no attraction??

I have realized that lately I have acquired many male friends and as much as I love male company, one does wonder if it is purely friendship. Can you just be friends with a member of the opposite sex? It really has made me consider if secretly I have a crush on them and I don’t realize or do they have a crush on me and are too shy to say maybe one of them is the one and I’ve just met them at the wrong time who knows? For example lets call him male friend number one, the nice guy, always gives you a compliment and makes you feel good about yourself, always makes time for you and will do anything for you, he is very sweet and you know deep down he’s the type of guy your mum would love you know when they say ‘oh what a nice boy’ and your dad would approve of as he doesn’t possess any piercings. I love spending time with this guy, I can cuddle up and watch a film and know he’s not going to try anything but then all of a sudden the other day we were talking on his sofa and I thought this guy would make a lovely partner, someone to settle down with and then thought or is he just being all sweet because he likes me and then this thought went away and I carried on and put it to the back of my mind, am I been paranoid?
Now male number two is the kind of guy you can completely be yourself with, he’s a one of those real men who have to prove their manliness by doing manly things like drink beer, watch football and shouting at the TV when a player doesn’t score a goal (he cant hear you, youknow) so if you want be a little bit more at home and in your comfort zone spending time with him allows this and also gives me a mans way of thinking about situations I’ve been in but then I sometimes think am I attracted to him because I can totally be myself and confide in him? It’s like I’m one of the lads when I’m in his company so maybe I’m been pretty silly thinking that we’re anything but friends.

Then the other hand you have the ‘male friends with benefits’ now problem with these is you have to be careful not to get tied up in your emotions which I have a terrible problem with, someone always wants more and its generally me but then if it’s the latter I don’t want to hurt the other person either, these guys are great release for me, I can just hang with them, flirt with them and have a load of fun but then am I wanting more sub consciously? The thing is friends or not friends these men play important parts of my life for different reasons so I feel maybe I should just let nature take its course and not think about things too much.
But on a final note friends who are there for you through thick and thin, weather male or female should be kept close to your heart.


  1. I am the opposite, I do not have any close friends anymore that I can hang out with, I am always hanging with my BF friends,a s mine all live far away and we have drifted apart. It is so hard to make friends at my age, I have found blogging helps though.

  2. i guess I can be friends with the opposite sex.

    but they can't with me. lol .. kiddin.

    i used to study in a school exclusive for girls... when i transferred to a co-ed school. i had a hard time making friends with boys because i always thought that they would have a crush on me. .hihi


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