Friday, 23 July 2010

Funny Chuckles

Well i'm going on my lovely relaxing yearly beach holiday for a week now so i thought i'd leave you with a few thing's that have made me chuckle this week:

1.Well you see this cute little puppy dog you see here...... dont be fooled. he is so destructive i dont understand how one little dog can do so much damage but i think i will write an entire post on him soon. He made me chuckle yesterday, i left him in his basket for 2 minutes whilst i went to the bathroom, i came back to find my hand cream, tissues, body spray and a biscuit wrapper in his basket with him, these item were all in my handbag so he must have gone and stuck his head right in to get these and made more the one trip..... the cheeky sod. i love him though, who wouldn't.

2. Pink and her new word replacing game

Was listening to the Scott Mills show on Radio one yesterday and they read out an update from pink on twitter how she had made some new game up where you replace the word heart with butt so been bored at work today i managed to find some song titles and it cracked me up a bit have a read....

David Bowie - The Heart Never Lies would be The Butt Never lies

Chris Brown - Heart to Heart would be Butt to Butt

The Echoing Green - Deep inside my heart would be Deep inside my Butt

Manic Street Preachers - you stole the sun from my heart would be you stole the sun from my butt

Elvis presley - Wooden heart would be wooden butt

Madonna - open your heart would be open your butt

Kylie minogue -hand on your heart would be hand on your butt

Eurithmics - there must be an angel (playing with your heart) would be (there must be an angel playing with you butt)


Now this made me giggle, i work in healthcare so i have to speak to a variety of different people everyday about different health problems, most of the time it's pretty boring but then you do get the odd few that you cant help but laugh at.

My collegue took this call from a man who said he'd lost his sexual performance and wasn't intereted in making love to his wife anymore well maybe it's your could look like this:

and if not well i think you need to see a shrink because what man doesn't want to have sex, it's like instilled into them at birth it's all most of them care about. they think withtheir manhood before their brains. but the best part of it was guess what his name was.....


4. Now this made me laugh out loud when a friend of mine told me this.

Four of my male friends decided to pop to Asda after a trip to the gym, one of them Brodders as we call him decided for some reason he wanted to buy one of those ready made cooked roast chickens (dont ask he is special)

so anyway off they go in their cars only Brodders decides he doesn't want his chicken anymore because it's burnt so opens the window launches the chicken at some poor random people just minding their own business only to be knocked out by a roast chiken hitting their head, yes thats right he could of really injured someone with a roast chicken! Death by Chiken... hilarious

5. And finally i read in THE SUN newspaper this week that a man held up a bank in NEW YORK this week but dressed as Darth Vaider from Star wars

'instead if a lightsaber the theif started waving around a semi-automatic hand gun and shouted this is not a joke'

and a member of the public said

'all of a sudden i saw this guy with a mask running past the window . it was pretty crazy he had the whole outfit on'


  1. thanks glad you like it and thanks for commenting on my posts :)

  2. Naughty puppy, but oh so cute! ... Couldn't imagine being a bloke and having the name Badcock, that is a virtual guaranteed failure in the romance department. ...What an absolute dumb arse that person was to dress up like Darth Vader to do a bank robbery! The picture made me laugh. Have a great weekend Princess! : )

  3. thnaks :) i know what a dumbass, darth vader really!! come on lol. glad you liked the pic.

  4. Darth Vader!!!!!!! Just lovely. I thought you were going to have pictures from your Alicante holiday up??

  5. I’m glad I found your blog just in time to have a few chuckles over this. :-) Now I’ll have to read more of it.

    The comment you posted on Annah’s blog steered me your way.

  6. PUPPEEE! I know, I know, destructive puppy. BUT PUPPY!!!!!

  7. annah - i will have pics up :), my computer is a monster and is been very slow at uploading

    Don - thanks so much will have a nose at your blog

    Sadako - looks are deceiving lol. love him to bits though

  8. Princess, I don’t have a blog. I only have a political website that you would likely be bored with after seeing my ugly old mug on the home page.

  9. I think you have a good start. But I was a little put off by the patient of your friend.

    1st off I am a psychology major and I know there are many many medical reasons why a man would lose sex drive and it is more common than you would think.

    Also you shared his name, I understand you are trying to make a joke out of it but you shared something very personal of his life (that your friend shouldn't have even told you do you not have confidentiality laws?) an then you shared his name.

    I just personally think that the one joke of bad taste can ruin the whole post.

  10. i would like to apologise to anyone reading this who may be offended by it's content, it was not meant in a mallicious way!


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