Friday, 23 July 2010

Mother I just dont want to know thanks!

Has anyone else ever noticed at anytime in their lives that you become the mother and your mother becomes like a hormonal teenager?

I Love my mother very much but lately it's like looking at me 10 years ago.

I found her giggling at the computer the other day and i asked what was amusing her, 'oh nothing i'm just speaking to this bloke on msn'

MSN!!! my mother on msn, what..... is this actually allowed but it gets worse....

Her face then went all red and i again said what has he said now ' oh he's just been very suggestive' suggestive..... so dirty basicly, so my mother the woman who i am supposed to look upto is been dirty with a man she hasnt met on the internet.

Then i go and sit by her as she wants to show me something (un-related) and he pops up and has typed something else and before i can see she closes the window and says 'your not looking at that'

At this point i get up and walk out the room and say

'Mother i just dont want to know. Thanks!'

Really and i'm sorry for anyone reading this who thinks i'm been a bit OTT but come guy's it's my mother i know it happens but i dont think about it and i most centainly DO NOT want to hear about it or discuss it with her.


  1. No I agree completly I hate when my mom talks about sex and I truly believe the only time she has had it was when me and my two bros were conceived.

  2. well this is what i believed until the other day, i dont wish to hear anymore i tell you.

  3. Ugh, that sounds horrible. There should definitely be some firm boundaries between parent and child - I never, ever want to hear about my mom's dating life.

  4. I’ve been known to chat with ladies and make suggestive (or worse) comments. Does that make me a dirty old pervert? :-)

    Your mother is rather attractive. I wonder if she’d be interested in chatting with me.

  5. steve - i agree, i think i need to set some ground rules about this!! theres only so much you want to hear, i mean its your mum, she doesnt do things like that.... right!

    Don - lol well i will pass your comment onto my mother and let you know what she says, however i dont want to know what chats you have!!!

  6. Princess, Your Royal Highness, how very thoughtful and caring it is of you to offer to tell your mother about my comment. Whether I ever hear from her or not, if she and I should ever chat with one another, I hope she never lets you read any of our conversations because you are too young and tender to not be roasted from our HOT conversation.

    Just kidding... :-)


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