Thursday, 22 July 2010

A problem Shared is a problem Halved right?.... or so you'd think!

This is not the case with a paticular friend of mine......

I am all for sitting down to my friends problems even if they do go on and on and repeat the same thing like a rusty saw that in the end i just nod, smile, hug , comfort etc, whilst i think about what to wear on my hot date later. And i'm really sorry for any of my friends reading this you know i love you all dearly very much because i know you return the favor to me and i am well i'd say the worl'd worst at repeating my problems and not listening to your advice and then realising you were right the hard way like been smacked in the face by a double decker bus!!!

However i have a friend who takes this to another level, well more towards another mate of mine, we dont hear off her for months and then she gets in touch when she is having problems and is hysterical like a baby, and like me she listens to the advice but doesnt take it in and then calls back a few weeks later and is still going on about the same thing.

she has always been like this ever since school, i feel like throttling her and saying grow up for god sakes woman, your acting more immature than a premature child!!

I have said to my other friend the best thing to do is just take everything she says with a pinch of salt, you see we think she is attention seeking and i dont actually think she can help it (i know that sounds harsh) but i'm bored of listening to the same old rubbish....

'you can change your life you know, life is what you make it and if you constantly moan about it and not doing anything, it's not going to get better sweetie'

But the most and absoloute annoying thing ever abotu this whole situation is, if my other friend who listens to her as opposed to me tried talking to her about her issues she manages to turn around back to her problems.

'A problem shared is a problem halved but only if you give something back'

You cant take, take, take all the time or you will find no want to give to you anymore!!!

I'm giving up on giving to this one until she learns to change her ways!!!


  1. That is the best, just keep feeding her life quotes and she will shut up eventually, or freak out and tell you to stop telling her freakin life quotes, either way you win.

  2. or i could just switch off and pretned i'm listening when i'm not and then say 'sorry, what were you saying' lol. i just dont have the time!!


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